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(WorldKings.org) According to amazon.com, Colavita is the best-selling olive oil on Amazon. It is an Italian company best known for olive oil.



Colavita, founded by Giovanni and Felice Colavita, began life in 1938 in Sant’Elia a Pianisi, a small village in Molise, as a small olive mill. In 1947, the oil mill was joined by the company’s first industrial processing plant, the first of its kind in the Molise region.



In the 1960s, after further investment, Colavita became one of the top 10 olive oil refineries in Italy. The two brothers decided to find out whether these new products might appeal to international markets, starting from the USA, where, in 1977, they found their first foreign partner and stared distributing Colavita label oil.

Colavita USA was in part founded by John J Profaci who, at the time, was a resident of Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. Profaci was introduced to Enrico Colavita in 1978 after Colavita came to the United States. Profaci, who had been in the olive oil business, agreed to go into business with Colavita as the US distributor for the company.



At the end of the 1980s, the Colavita brand strengthened its reputation as a benchmark for Italian quality products worldwide. In 1998, the company owns a packaging plant in Pomezia , which also packages olive oil under the brands Rachael Ray All-Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Santa Sabina.



Today, Colavita is one of the few international brands in the oil sector, present in almost 70 countries worldwide and recognised in many of these (USA, Canada, Australia and South America) as market leader in the 100% Italian oil segment.


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