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(WorldKings.org) According to The Mirror, cheeseburger pizza is the most popular Domino’s pizza in United Kingdom



It is relatively new, only being introduced in 19 November 2018, but Dominoes has already sold 1.6 million pizzas since it became available to order. To put that into context, that means that Brits have been ordering 500 of them every single hour since its launched.

A Domino's cheeseburger pizza contains:Domino's vine ripened tomato sauce; 100% mozzarella cheese; a double portion of double ground beef; freshly sliced tomatoes; Gherkins; a handful of chopped onions and a drizzling of Domino's secret burger sauce.



It's definitely not an authentic Italian pizza, but the Frankenstein-like hybrid meal - which is available from today - could be perfect for people who can't decide if they want a burger or a pizza as a takeaway. Two portions of ground beef - which is the type of minced that beef burgers are made from - the pizza is also topped with slices of tomato and mozzarella cheese on a base of Domino's "vine-ripened tomato" sauce. Each large slice contains 211 calories – which adds up to 1,688 in a whole large pizza.



One customer who couldn't wait to tuck in commented "Literally eating one now and they're fantastic," while another responded "WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!! Just finished off a large pizza and loved every slice!!!!" and someone else added "Unique taste, that pizza it’s increadible, highly recommend it! "


According to The Mirror and Chronicle live


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