[WORLDKINGS] World Best Academy – Casio men’s Analog Dive MRW200: The best- selling Casio watch on Amazon in 2019


(WorldKings.org) According to rank1one.com, Casio watch for diver MRW200 from Casio was the best-selling Casio watches 2019 on Amazon.



The MRW200H is a basic, no frills, low-budget quartz watch with an analog display. Features include a rotating bezel and day/date window.

The case is cast from a smooth black resin (read plastic). It’s extremely light weight, leading to the whole watch only weighing 39 grams.



The whole case is a matte black color, with only various lines and angles molded into it to provide visual interest. In the picture above you can see the line that runs from up near the bezel on the sides and then widens toward the top and bottom, leading down to the lugs.

The MRW200H doesn’t really have traditional lugs. The top of the case curves smoothly over, hiding the springbar attachment points from view.



On both sets of lugs there are these two smooth, circular indentations, which match similar indentations on the resin band. I have a feeling this design element is being utilized to hide the marks from the molding process, and if so it’s very well done. 



The dial of the Casio MRW200H is simple and minimalistic. Only a small amount of gold colored text is present, stating CASIO QUARTZ on the upper half and WATER RESIST 100M on the lower half. The markers consist of lumed white circles and bars, outlined in gold. They are not applied, only printed directly as part of the dial.



The sword-style hands are done in a gold-colored steel and painted with white lume. The minute hand is arrow-style, with a small lumed triangle near the tip.



Need a cheap, unobtrusive, and durable watch and only have $15 to spend? You won’t go wrong with the Casio MRW200H. It’s definitely not flashy nor particularly good looking but makes a perfect beater you won’t need to worry about.



According to rank1one and divewatchesblog

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