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(WorldKings.org) According to Statista, Chamisul is the best- selling soju brand in South Korea, with about 29.7 percent of respondents as of 2018.



Chamisul is a brand of soju by HiteJinro, is a distiller in South Korea, founded in 1924. It is the world's leading producer of soju, accounting for more than half of that beverage's domestic sales. 



The name "Chamisul," meaning "dew" in Korean, was created by Son Hye-won, the representative of Cross Point to represent the dew on the bottles of cold soju. The name of the first product was "Chamjinisulro." After the introduction of Chamisul Fresh on August 18, 2006, the brand was called both "Chamjinisulro" and "Chamisul." In December 2009, it was decided that "Chamisul" would be the sole name.



On October 19, 1998, Chamisul, which debuted in the domestic soju market, broke the common sense that soju is 25% ABV( alcohol by volume) and changed the image of strong soju to "soft and clean”.



"It is the best brand of domestic soju. As a byword for soju following Jinro, Chamisul changed the history of the soju market in terms of quality, brand power, and sales volume.It's a breakthrough. " Chamisul, " which started out as a 23% ABV product when it was released, is now 20.1% ABV and 17.2 degrees% ABV. These two brands are leading the domestic soju market.

Chamisul, which has been gaining huge popularity by using bamboo charcoal filtration method when it was launched, has been renewing its products seven times.



According to statista and en.wikipedia

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