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(worldkings.org) Dentsu Inc. is a Japanese international advertising and public relations corporation joint stock company headquartered in Tokyo.

It is the largest advertising agency in Japan and is known as the “ Gulliver of the advertising world ”, with an overwhelming market share of approximately four times the sales of Hakuhodo DY Holdings, the second largest company in Japan. The company is now present in more than 145 countries, becoming the 6th largest network advertising group in the world.

The company’s milestones:

- In 1901: Dentsu was originally established as Japan Advertising Ltd. and Telegraphic Service Co. by Hoshiro Mitsunaga in Yazaemoncho, Kyobashi-ku, Tokyo.

- In 1907: Hoshiro Mitsunaga merged the two companies and created Nippon Dempo Tsushin-sha (Japan Telegraphic Communication Co., Ltd., hereinafter referred to as "Dentsu").

- In 1943: 16 companies were acquired in order to supplement Japan Telegraphic's advertising business.

- In 1955: Japan Telegraphic Communication Co., Ltd. changed its name to Dentsu Inc. In the same year, Dentsu created five domestic regional subsidiaries.

- In 1964: Did the promotion for the Tokyo Olympic Games.

- In 1970: Did the promotion for Osaka Expo '70.

- In 1974: Became the world's No. 1 company in the advertising industry.

- In  1978: Dentsu changed its English corporate name from Dentsu Advertising Ltd. to Dentsu Incorporated, signifying the beginning of its transformation into a communications company.

- In 1981: Dentsu signed a basic agreement with Young & Rubicam (Y&R)—the largest advertising agency in the United States

- In 1984: Exclusive promotion and news of the Los Angeles Olympics.

- In 1988: The world's first advertising group with over 1 billion yen in revenue.

 - In 2000: Acquired a major British advertising company , Colette Dickenson Pierce , and formed the advertising company group "bcom3" with "Leo Burnett" in the United States.

- In 2001: Dentsu was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

- In 2002: Exclusive promotion and news of the FIFA World Cup 2002.

- In 2003: Dentsu acquired Pioneer LDC from Pioneer Corporation and renamed it to Geneon Entertainment.

- In 2004: Dentsu formulated the Dentsu Group Code of Conduct.

- In 2005: Dentsu acquired ISO 14001 certification.

- In 2007: The Dentsu Group received international Information Security Management System (ISMS) certification under the ISO/IEC 27001:2005 and JIS Q 27001:2006 standards.

- In 2009: Dentsu reorganized Dentsu UK Ltd. as its strategic management headquarters for European operations. In the same year, the Company established Dentsu Digital Holdings Inc.

- In 2010: Dentsu Network West is established.

- In 2012: Dentsu acquires UK-based Aegis Group plc for $4.9 billion and establishes Dentsu Aegis Network Ltd.

- In 2014: Dentsu was selected as the exclusive marketing agency of The Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

- In 2016: Announced a business alliance with Frog Design , a company founded in Germany.

- In 2018: In cooperation with 9 leading domestic animation studios such as Sunrise , Pierrot , and MAPPA to produce original video content with animation that enhances the brand appeal of companies, organizations, products and services.

- In 2020: Changed company name to Dentsu Group Inc. and transitioned to a pure holding company structure. At the same time Dentsu Japan Network, an in-house company of Dentsu Group Inc., was established to oversee and support the Group’s Japan business. In September, the brand name of the international business was changed from Dentsu Aegis Network to dentsu international.

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