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(worldkings.org) From its origins in candy and confectionary products, Mars, Incorporated has diversified to become a world leader in several other markets, including snack foods, pet care products, main meal foods, electronic automated payment systems, and soft drink vending. In spite of its large size and geographic reach, the company remains privately owned. The company is notoriously secretive despite the millions it spends to promote its products.

For more than five generations, Mars has evolved to create products and services that people (and their pets) love. The company’s storied history began in a kitchen when two men discovered their passion for food and created beloved confections that stood the test of time. However, in the more than 100 years since, the company has set its sights on also making a better life for people and pets alike.

The company’s milestones:

- In 1911 - Mars began in 1911 as the Mar-O-Bar Co., a snack food business founded by Frank C. Mars of Tacoma, Washington, who made a variety of buttercream candy in his home.

- In 1914 - Doublemint® introduced. The gum is originally advertised as having “Double Value” with "Double Strength Peppermint Flavor, Double Wrapped — Always Fresh and Clean.”



- In 1920 - Mars Founder Begins First Candy Business. He starts a basket candies business, The Nougat House. It produces Patricia Chocolates, named after Frank and Veronica’s (Frank’s second wife) daughter.

- In 1922 - Frank introduces the MAR-O-BAR® to his candy range. Known as the MAR-O-BAR Company, Minneapolis, the company is doing business of less than $100,000 per year.

- In 1923 - MILKY WAY® Bar introduced. After getting the idea for a “malted milk in a candy bar” from a discussion with his son Forrest Sr., Frank creates the Milky Way bar in 1923. Its success leads to the hiring of a full-time sales staff.

- In 1929 - Mars relocates and opens a full-production plant in Chicago.

- In 1930 - The SNICKERS® brand is launched.



- In 1932 - 3 MUSKETEERS® was introduced to the U.S. market to great success.

- In 1935 - Mars enters the Petcare business by acquiring U.K.-based Chappell Brothers, Ltd., makers of CHAPPIE® canned dog food.

- In 1936 - MALTESERS® chocolate balls introduced in Europe.

- In 1939 - Cat food, KITEKAT®, is first advertised in the U.K. The Doublemint® twins have been part of one of the most successful and long-lasting advertising campaigns ever created.

- In 1942 - Mars enters the rice category and opens the first commercial rice parboiling plant in Houston, Texas, entering the food business. The company becomes known as Uncle Ben’s, Incorporated, in 1959.

- In 1945 - The M&M’S® brand is launched to the general public and grows to become a $1 billion global brand.



- In 1954 - PAL® food for dogs is launched in the U.K. under the name MEET®. This is changed to PAL® in 1959.

- In 1959 - Forrest E. Mars, Sr. moved the corporate office of Mars, Incorporated, from Newark, New Jersey, to Washington, D.C.

- In 1964 - Mars, Incorporated, builds a site called Peanut Craftsmen in the heart of Albany, Georgia’s peanut belt to ensure a reliable source of high-quality nuts for SNICKERS® candy bars and M&M’S® peanut chocolate candies in the U.S.

- In 1974 - A pack of Wrigley's Juicy Fruit® gum was the first product to be scanned with a bar code. This heralded a new era of automation in supermarket shopping. Since that first pack of gum, black and white bar codes, now well-known, have helped track the sales of billions of items.

- In 1977 - The first European rice mill for UNCLE BEN’S® products was built in Olen, Belgium. In the same year the product launches in Brazil.



- In 1981 - Mars becomes the first candy in space when M&M’S® chocolate candies are chosen by the first space shuttle astronauts to be included in their food supply.

- In 1982 - The Mars Center for Cocoa Science opens in Bahia, Brazil, with the goal of developing more sustainable cocoa varieties and farming techniques to improve the lives of cocoa farmers and ensure future cocoa supplies.

- In 1985 - Mars Adds Pasta to Its Food Portfolio.

- In 1993 - Mars China opens its first manufacturing facility in Beijing, China, manufacturing DOVE® brand chocolate with fruit and nuts.

- In 1998 - Mars enters the organic food business with the purchase of Seeds of Change.

- In 2001 – Mars launched Orbit® gum.

- In 2006 - Mars Creates Heritage Line of Chocolate.

- In 2007 - Mars establishes the Mars Marketing Code and becomes the first food company to voluntarily stop advertising food and snack products to children under 12 years of age.



- In 2008 - Mars becomes the world’s leading gum manufacturer with the acquisition of the William Wrigley, Jr. Company.

- In 2009 - Mars Unveils First LEED-Certified Petfood Facility in Arkansas.

- In 2014 - Mars Opens First Factory in Saudi Arabia. Mars also Opens First U.S. Chocolate Plant in 35 Years.

- In 2016 - Mars announces it will combine Chocolate and Wrigley segments to create Mars Wrigley.

- In 2018 - Mars launches new Cocoa for Generations plan, intending to lead the way and invite the cocoa sector to partner in a new approach to increase farmer income, help safeguard children and forests today, and create a pathway for cocoa farmers, their families and communities to thrive.

According to mars.com; en.wikipedia.org. Source of photo: internet 

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