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(worldkings) DMM.com LLC is a Japan-based electronic commerce and Internet company with a diversified group of businesses that includes online shopping and video on demand service.

The company manages the website DMM.coman online entertainment website that allows users to purchase a variety of goods and services. DMM.com's core business areas include online shopping, e-books, online games, rental service, news, online English education service, 3D printing, mobile telephony, robots, PC software, and solar panel service. In addition, a key business of the company, video-on-demand services, also offers a variety of online viewing options for shoppers.

With the message "A future everyone wants to see", the company wants to send a statement about the future that DMM.com will always challenge itself to be able to survive and bring new services to users.

As of February 2022, DMM.com has 35.45 million users with a total income of 245.3 billion yen.

The company’s milestones:

 - November 17, 1999: Keishi Kameyama founded Digital Media Mart Co., Ltd. and launched a video mail order / video distribution site.

- In 2002: Launched of corporate website – “DMM” with provision of online shopping and video on demand service.

- Năm 2003: Renamed the website as “DMM.com” and launched DVD rental service in April. Established the site “DMM.com” for video on demand service, online games and e-books in July.

- In 2004: Started monthly subscription video streaming service.

- In 2005:  Extended the products for rental service to CD and comic.

- In 2006:Aired the first TV commercial.

- In 2008:Released DMM.TV service.

- In 2009: "DMM FX" released (DMM.com Securities Co., Ltd. established).

- In 2010:Further extended the products for rental service to fashion and varieties of goods. Launched DMM point auction service.

- In 2011:Renamed Digital Media Mart Co., Ltd. as DMM.com Co., Ltd. Launched online game service for feature phone in November.

- In 2012: Launched B2B solar panel business in February. Launched online game service for smartphones and PCs in April.

- In 2013: "DMM English Conversation" released, along with the opening of a printing center in Japan and the launch of "DMM.make 3D PRINT".

- In 2014:  Released "DMM.make".Launched VR video streaming service in November, a service which allows user to watch video with 360 degrees panorama.

- In 2015: "DMM.make ROBOTS" released.

- In 2016: "DMM Online Salon" released.

- In 2017: Became owner of Belgian First Division A club Sint-Truiden. Group total sales exceeded 200 billion yen.

- In 2018: Transferred adult business to Digital Commerce Co., Ltd., from "DMM.R18" to "FANZA". Established minority investment fund "DMM VENTURES". Number of DMM.com members exceeded 30 million.

 - In 2019: Acquisition of hardware venture "Bellling Co., Ltd." that develops firefighting vehicle business. Acquired "Pharmaly Co., Ltd.", which develops used agricultural machinery distribution business.

- In 2020: "DMM Online Exhibition" released. Launch multiple new businesses to expand services further.

- In 2021: Changed the service name of DMM ebooks to "DMM Books". Acquired some shares of "Avispa Fukuoka".

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