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(worldkings.org) Deutsche Telekom AG is a German telecommunications company that is headquartered in Bonn.

It is the largest telecommunications provider in Europe by revenue. Since its founding in 1995, Deutsche Telekom has featured among Fortune 500 companies, with its latest ranking at number 62 (in 2022). The company operates several subsidiaries worldwide, including the mobile communications brand T-Mobile.

Deutsche Telekom also holds substantial shares in other telecom companies, including Central European subsidiaries Slovak Telekom (Slovakia), Magyar Telekom (Hungary). Deutsche Telekom also operates a wholesale division named International Carrier Sales & Solutions (ICSS) that provides white label voice and data solutions[buzzword] to large carriers including T-Mobile.

The company's milestones:

- In 1995: Deutsche Bundespost Telekom – the federal German government postal administration and telephone company– becomes Deutsche Telekom AG, a stock corporation.

- In 1996: T-Mobile introduced Skyper paging service at CeBIT Home show. In November, Deutsche Telekom AG was listed on the Frankfurt, New York and Tokyo stock exchanges.

- In 1997: T-Mobile launches its first prepaid card - the Telly D1 Xtra. By December, all of Deutsche Telekom's network is completely digitalized.

- In 1998: The Federal Ministry of the Interior issues a contract to Deutsche Telekom AG for the establishment of a multimedia Berlin-Bonn Information Network in February. In June, Deutsche Telekom AG launches a pilot project for broadband multimedia applications, employed a new technology called Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL).

- In 1999: Established Kabel Deutschland GmbH undertakes its entire cable business. MediaServices GmbH was founded in February to provide a central service for content and programming. Also in this year, T-DSL data service was also launched.

- In 2000: Acquired mobile network operator VoiceStream Wireless Corporation. In September, T-Systems International GmbH was established, with headquarters in Frankfurt.

- In 2001: In May, Deutsche Telekom acquired two US mobile network operators, VoiceStream and Powertel, and T-Mobile International became the world's first transatlantic provider of GSM-based mobile network services.

- In 2002: Deutsche Telekom became the new main sponsor of football club FC Bayern München and renamed VoiceStream to T-Mobile USA.

- In 2003: Deutsche Telekom subsidiary T-Com launches its own brand.

- In 2004: Established the Deutsche Telekom Stiftung foundation in February, in addition Deutsche Telekom and the university TU Berlin (Technische Universität Berlin) jointly establish the university-affiliated institute Telekom Innovation Laboratories (T-Labs).

- In 2005: Merged two units T-Com and T-Online into the Broadband/Fixed Network (BBFN) strategic business unit, and subsidiary T-Online International AG is merged with parent company Deutsche Telekom.

- In 2006: Deutsche Telekom became the first official partner of the 2006 FIFA World Cup.

- In 2008: T-Online was spun off from Deutsche Telekom and merged with T-Com to form the new unit T-Home. The company also introduced a new brand slogan: "Life is for sharing".

- In 2009: Entertain, Deutsche Telekom's internet-based TV service, has generated more than one million paying subscribers.

- In 2010: Acquired Polish mobile communications company Polska Telefonia Cyfrowa (PTC). In April, T-Mobile was merged with T-Home to form Telekom Deutschland GmbH. In September, Orange parent France Télécom and T-Mobile parent Deutsche Telekom merged their operations in the United Kingdom to create the largest mobile network in Britain, EE.

- In 2011: PTC was renamed "T-Mobile Polska."

- In 2012: Merger of T-Mobile USA and Metro PCS.

- In 2013: T-Mobile US and MetroPCS have merged their US operations.

In 2014: Deutsche Telekom acquires the remaining parts of the T-Mobile division in the Czech Republic. In July, Deutsche Telekom opens a high-performance data center in Biere, in the state of Saxony-Anhalt.

- In 2015: Deutsche Telekom launched the "Puls tablet", a Tablet computer with Android version 5.

- In 2016: Deutsche Telekom jointly launched the Telecom Infra Project (TIP) with Intel, Nokia, Facebook, Equinix, SK Telecom. In May, Deutsche Telekom launched the mobile game Sea Hero Quest, with the aim of supporting basic research on dementia.

- In 2017: Deutsche Telekom started offering StreamOn – a service to stream music and video without using up any of the data allowances that comes with customers' cell phone plan. The company also tested the installation of the first 5G antennas in Berlin.

- In 2018: Deutsche Telekom's fiber optic network reaches 500,000 km.

- In 2019: Deutsche Telekom launched #TAKEPART campaign aimed at promoting participation in the modern digital world.

- In 2020: Consumer telecommunications lines are fully converted to IP. In addition, the company also launched the new T-Mobile US and Corona-Warn-App.

According to telekom.com and en.wikipedia.org

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