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(worldkings.org) Läderach (Schweiz) AG is a Swiss chocolate and confectionary manufacturer based in Ennenda (Glarus).

The company was founded by a Swiss Chocolatier, Rudolph Läderach in Ennenda (Switzerland), and so far, the company is still owned by the Läderach family, with the current operators being the third generation of the family.

Läderach is most famous for our delicious large slabs of FrischSchoggi (Fresh Chocolate), handcrafted without additives or preservatives by the company's artisans.



The inventor of FrischSchoggi (Fresh Chocolate), MaClair, Mini Mousses and other finest premium chocolates and pralines with incomparable tastes, today Läderach stands not only for finest premium products, but also for a family-minded social responsibility, fostering ecological thinking.

As of 2020 Läderach operates 100 stores in 35 countries..


 The company's milestones:

- In 1962: Chocolatier Rudolf Läderach founded the company in Glarus, Switzerland

- In 1970: Rudolf Läderach Jr. invents and patents the revolutionary process to manufacture thin-walled hollow balls for truffles, which makes the professional manufacture of truffles significantly easier and improves their quality.

- In 1981: Opening the first store in Glarus. The company also became the first exporting business abroad when bringing its chocolate bars to Germany and opened its first foreign subsidiary, Confiseur Läderach GmbH & Co KG.

- In 1994: Rudolf Läderach Jr. hands over the company to his son, Jürg Läderach.

- In 2004: Purchase of Merkur Confiserien AG in Switzerland with more than 40 branches to reach the private consumers. Also in this year, the company launched Frischschoggi (Fresh Chocolate) and received much love from the buyer.



- In 2008: New brand launch “Läderach – chocolatier suisse” and opening of the show confectioneries in our boutiques on Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich and Spitalgasse in Bern..

- In 2010: Opening of chocolate boutiques in Freiburg, Constance and Munich as well as a second Läderach chocolatier swiss shop in South Korea.

- In 2012: Start of cocoa and chocolate mass production in Bilten, Switzerland

- In 2018: Jürg Läderach hands over the operational responsibility of Läderach to the 3rd generation. The oldest son, Johannes is appointed as CEO of the Läderach Group. Elias takes over the responsibility as Head of Production & Innovation and further joins the Group Management Board. As well on board is the youngest son, David, who tackles the digital transformation of Läderach.



- In 2019: The first international consumer branches opened: two branches in Toronto (Canada) and one branch in New York (United States)..

- In 2020: Läderach opened the third store in the United States and the 100th store worldwide on the 5th Boulevard in New York.

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