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(worldkings.org) Publicis Groupe is a French multinational advertising and public relations company. One of the oldest and largest marketing and communications companies in the world by revenue, it is headquartered in Paris.

Publicis Groupe and its agencies provide digital and traditional advertising, media services and marketing services (SAMS) to national and multinational clients. It is one of the "Big Four" agency companies, alongside WPP, Interpublic and Omnicom.

The company's SAMS services include direct marketing/customer relationship management services, sales promotion, healthcare communications, multicultural and ethnic communications, corporate and financial communications, human resource infrastructure, public relations, design services, interactive communications, events marketing and management, sports marketing, and production and pre-press services.

The company’s milestones

- In 1926: The company was founded by Marcel Bleustein-Blanchet.

- In 1930: The company pioneered the launch of the first radio advertisement in France.

- In 1934: Launch of the company's own radio channel - Radio Cité.

- In 1935: Cooperated with Havas to form “Cinema and Advertising” - the first French media sales house. In the same year, Marcel helped found the French Advertising Federation.

- In 1946: The company was re-established after World War II at 65 Champs-Elysées.

- In 1947: Publicis grows rapidly thanks to partnerships with major brands such as Colgate-Palmolive, Weil, Sopad-Nestlé and Shell, etc.

- In 1957: Publicis founded “Publicis Corp.” in New York.

- In 1967: Opened the first office in Brussels (Belgium).

- In 1970: The company is listed on the Paris stock exchange.

- In 1972: Acquired Intermarco in the Netherlands.

- In 1973: Publicis dipped its toe into the technology world and by creates SGIP

- In 1978: Acquired UK company McCormick.

- In 1983: Publicis introduces the concept of global communication.

- In 1986: Honored as one of the top 20 media corporations in the world.

- In 1988: Create an association with a FCB company in the United States.

- In 1993: Publicis takes control of the FCA agency and forms its 2nd European network.

- In 1995: Publicis is present in 76 countries and 130 cities, and is ranked 7th in the world.

- In 2000: Publicis Groupe is introduced to Wall Street.

- In 2003: Zenith Optimedia becomes its first global media network.

- In 2004: PHCG, its first global health network is created.

- In 2006: Takeover of Digitas (USA), the leader in digital communications.

- In 2008: Publicis and Google announce their collaboration.

- In 2011: Acquired Rosetta, a large US digital agency. In May, the company hosted the world’s first digital summit, the é-G8, firmly establishing its position as an e-digital leader.

- In 2012: Publicis takes over LBi, a European network that is then merged with Digitas, giving birth to the 1st global digital network. Publicis and AOL create online advertising in real time.

- In 2015: Publicis acquired Sapient Corporation, establishing Publicis.Sapient - the largest digital network in the world at the time. In September, Publicis Groupe acquired South Africa's The Creative Counsel, considered the largest agency buyout ever to happen in South Africa. In December, the company announced four major divisions of the company: Publicis Communications, Publicis Media, Publicis.Sapient and Publicis Healthcare.

- In 2016: Publicis has co-organised, with Groupe Les Echos, the annual technology conference, Viva Technology..

- In 2019: Publicis announced a $4.4 billion deal to acquire data marketing firm Epsilon.

- In 2020:Publicis Groupe India announced the merging of existing agencies – Arc Worldwide, Solutions and Ecosys OOH, to create 'Publicis In-Motion'.

- In 2022: Publicis Groupe acquired Profitero, an e-commerce software company that provides analytics for brands, as marketer clients are increasingly seeking services in commerce.

According to publicisgroupe.com and en.wikipedia.org

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