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(worldkings.org) Syngenta AG is a provider of agricultural science and technology, in particular seeds and pesticides, with its management headquarters in Basel, Switzerland, and further locations in Chicago, Tel Aviv, and Shanghai.

Syngenta has eight primary product lines which it develops, markets and sells worldwide; Its five product lines for pesticides are selective herbicides, non-selective herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and seed care. 

Syngenta International AG is the world's leading agrochemical company, operating in two primary markets: Crop Protection and Seeds. Syngenta holds the global lead in the crop protection market, producing a strong lineup of selective and non-selective herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides as well as a range of products for the professional sector.

(WOWTIMES) Syngenta's history and achievements

2000: Novartis and AstraZeneca merged their agribusinesses to form Syngenta, the first global group focusing exclusively on agribusiness. It is listed on the Swiss and New York Stock Exchanges.

2001: the company expanded into China, opening up a facility to produce its crop protection products.

2004: Syngenta and Tanimura & Antle form a partnership to deliver premium quality produce to consumers.

2007: Queensland University in Australia contracted with Syngenta to research different inputs for biofuels as a renewable energy source.

2016:  China National Chemical Corporation (ChemChina) acquired Syngenta AG. 

2020: The Syngenta Group was formed, bringing together Syngenta AG, Adama, and the agricultural business of Sinochem under a single entity. Its consists of Syngenta Crop Protection, Syngenta Seeds, Adama, and Syngenta Group China.

Syngenta brands include Actara (Thiamethoxam), Agrisure (corn with Viptera trait), Alto (Cyproconazole), Amistar (azoxystrobin), Avicta, Axial, Bicep II, Bravo, Callisto, Celest, Cruiser (TMX, Thiamethoxam), Dividend, Dual, Durivo, Elatus, Fusilade, Force, Golden Harvest, Gramoxone, Karate, Northrup-King (NK), Proclaim, Revus, Ridomil, Rogers, Score, Seguris, S&G, Tilt, Topik, Touchdown, Vertimec and Vibrance.

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