WORLDKINGS - Daily Highlighs - May 12, 2018 - SmokeBeat Uses Fitness Bands and Smartwatches to Detect Smoking


( With the new year upon us and plenty of smokers out there looking to curb their habit, a new platform is aiming to harness the power of smartwatches to give users a helping hand.

Somatix's SmokeBeat is able to detect smoking in real time based on hand-to-mouth gestures picked up by sensors built into smartwatches, with the data then fed back into the companion app.

Using motion to detect the smoking action, SmokeBeat has been developed to differentiate between the movement and other hand-to-mouth gestures such as eating, shaving and nail-biting, according to the company. And to make sure there's no false recognition, the user will receive a message asking to confirm whether they are smoking.



Everything picked up through the smartwatch is presented back to the user in order to give them more insight into their smoking, such as how many per day they have smoked, the financial cost of the cigarettes, the overall time they have spent smoking and also how their habit has altered over time.



Users are then able to tailor the data depending on which of these factors are most important to them, as well as set goals, compare progress to others and receive credits.



The platform was recently tested in a study, which showed that it was able to detect more than 80 percent of smoking episodes in a small test group. Crucially, it also determined that participants using SmokeBeat's tech showed a significant decline in their smoking rate.

According to wareable

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