Happy Independence Day Of Yemen.


(Worldkings.org) Yemen marks the South Yemen declaration of independence from the United Kingdom on November 30 every year. While North Yemen had been independent since November 1, 1918, it wasn’t until November 30, 1967 that South Yemen achieved full independence.

The territory of today’s Yemen was known by the Romans as Arabia Felix, or “Happy Arabia”. Its strategic geographic position made it highly coveted; whoever controlled it controlled the lucrative spice trade that passed through it.

North Yemen had long been under the political influence and control of imans from the Zaidi. Those imans were Muslims that followed the teachings of the fifth iman, Zayd ibn Ali, and were prevalent during the Ottoman occupation in the 11th century. In 1832, the British occupied the port of Aden due to its important location near the Gulf of Aden and established it as a British colony, while most of the territories of South Yemen had agreements of alliance and protection with the British Empire.

In 1918, North Yemen became independent from the Ottoman Empire, and it later became a republic in 1962. On November 30, 1967, the British withdrew from Aden and the area became known as South Yemen, with Aden as capital. These two republics of North and South Yemen lived separately, and sometimes at war, until finally they were united on May 22, 1990.

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