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(uskings.us) Abiomed, Inc. is a medical device technology company that operates as a stand-alone business within Johnson & Johnson's MedTech Segment. Abiomed develops and manufactures temporary external and implantable mechanical circulatory support devices. The company is headquartered in Danvers, Massachusetts with additional offices in Woburn, Baltimore, Berlin, Aachen, and Tokyo.

According to Bloomberg, the company "engages in the research, development, and sale of medical devices to assist or replace the pumping function of the failing heart. It also provides continuum of care to heart failure patients". As of 2022, the company had secured five FDA approvals and 1,408 patents with 1,416 pending.



The company’s milestones:

1981: Abiomed is founded to develop the first artificial heart

1992: BVS 5000® becomes the first ventricular assist device ever U.S. FDA-approved for bridge-to-recovery.

2001: 2001, AbioCor became the first artificial heart successfully implanted in a patient, where it pumped more than 20 million times. Fourteen of the AbioCor devices were implanted, during clinical trials from 2001 to 2004, with the longest-living recipient surviving 512 days.

2004: AB5000™ receives U.S. FDA approval for bridge-to-recovery



2005: Abiomed purchased ventricular assist device company Impella CardioSystems AG of Aachen, Germany.

2007: The Impella 2.5 heart pump was among 35 healthcare products to receive a 2007 Medical Design Excellence Award.

2008: Impella 2.5 heart pump receives U.S. FDA 510(k) clearance.

2011: New Automated Impella Controller™ (AIC) is available.

2012: Abiomed cofounds MedTechVets to help military veterans find jobs in the medical device industry.



2018: Abiomed built a $17 million Innovation Center to facilitate research and product development at its headquarters in Danvers. Abiomed also launches Women's Initiative for Heart Recovery. 

2021: U.S. FDA grants breakthrough device designation to Impella ECP™, the world’s smallest heart pump.

2022: Abiomed's Impella Bridge-to-Recovery (BTR) minimally-invasive heart pump was successfully implanted in the first patient treated with the device as part of an early feasibility study.

According to en.wikipedia.org; abiomed.com. Source of photos: internet 

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