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(Worldkings.org) Etsy is an American e-commerce company, founded in 2005 by entrepreneur Rob Kalin along with partners Chris Maguire and Haim Schoppik. Etsy provides a global Internet marketplace for handmade products, the main source of Etsy's revenue, and other items. The company's headquarters is located in Brooklyn, New York.

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(WOWTIMES) History and achievements:

  • 2005: Etsy was founded by Rob Kalin, Chris Maguire and Haim Schoppik.
  • 2007: Etsy attracted a large number of registered members, both sellers and buyers. As of May 2007, the company had surpassed $1.7 million in sales, primarily of handmade and antique items.
  • 2009: Etsy fully invests in and takes control of Adtuitive, an advertising startup based in New York.
  • 2011: Etsy has more than 10 million members with about 800,000 active stores.
  • 2015: Etsy went public.
  • 2016: The company recorded a record number of 1.7 million sellers and 28.6 million buyers.
  • 2024: Etsy stock price is $69.53 (market close, January 26, 2024). Market capitalization is $8.33 billion. Annual revenue is $2.71 billion.

Etsy is the shining example of focusing on one thing you are best at, thereby rising to the top of the industry in that field. For handmade and vintage items, formidable competitors of Etsy's e-commerce platform also face many difficulties when confronting Etsy, not to mention the possibility of usurping the throne of this e-commerce platform.

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