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(worldkings.org) Teradyne, Inc., is an American automatic test equipment (ATE) designer and manufacturer based in North Reading, Massachusetts. Teradyne's high-profile customers include Samsung, Qualcomm, Intel, Analog Devices, Texas Instruments and IBM.

It provides wireless test solutions for the development and manufacturing of wireless devices, including notebooks, laptops, tablets, computer peripherals, smartphones, and other Wi-Fi-enabled devices. The company’s solutions and services are used to test semiconductors, wireless products, data storage, and complex electronics systems in the consumer electronics, wireless, automotive, and aerospace and defense industries.



The company’s milestones:

1960 - Teradyne was founded in Boston, MA by Alex d'Arbeloff and Nick DeWolf.

1966 - Teradyne introduced the first computer-controlled chip tester, the J259.

1969 - Teradyne launches Teradyne Dynamic Systems after acquiring Triangle Systems to develop digital semiconductor test systems in Chatsworth, CA.

1973 - Teradyne launches Teradyne Central in Chicago, IL to develop telecommunications test systems. Teradyne also introduces the world's first subscriber-line test system, 4TEL.



1980 - Teradyne introduced the first combinational in-circuit/functional circuit board test system, the L200.

1988 - Teradyne introduces the first PC-based circuit board tester to use spreadsheet programming, the Z1800-Series.

1996 - Marlin Memory Test system introduced; the first system capable of simultaneous test and redundancy analysis of DRAMs.

1998 - Teradyne introduces the Integra J750, a test system for high-volume testing of low-cost devices.

2004 - Teradyne introduces the FLEX family of test systems, for high volume, high mix, complex SOC devices.

2006  - Teradyne moves headquarters to North Reading, MA.



2018 - Teradyne acquires Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) and Energid to expand its Industrial Automation business to include Autonomous Mobile Robots and motion control and simulation software for robotics.

2023 - Teradyne and Technoprobe, a leader in designing and producing probe cards, announced Strategic Agreements to Drive Semiconductor Test Interface Innovation and Accelerate Growth. 

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