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(Worldkings.org) Muyuan Foods is a Chinese agricultural company that specializes in pig farming and pork production. The company was founded in 1992 and is headquartered in Nanyang, Henan Province in China.

Muyuan Foods is a Chinese food company specializing in pork production. Established in 1992 and listed in 2014, Muyuan Foods Co., Ltd. has now developed an integrated pork industry chain covering feed processing, pig breeding, pig farming as well as slaughter and processing. They operate the world's largest pig farm.

Muyuan has been adhering to its vision of “serving people with safe pork” and has devoted itself to producing safe, tasty and wholesome pork products with high quality, so as to improve customers’ life quality so that they might enjoy a richer life.


The company’s milestones:

1992: Muyuan was founded by husband and wife Qin Yinglin and Qian Ying, who started their first farm in 1992 in Nanyang, Henan province.

1994: The farm expanded to 2,000 pigs.


1997: The first vet lab was established.

1998: Muyuan started establishing an independent breeding system.

2003: The low protein diet and net energy evaluation system was adopted throughout the farms.

2005: A total of 470 heads of breeding stock were introduced from Canada to improve the breeding stock structure in Muyuan.

2011: The 17th farm in Neixiang was built and put into operation.


By2013: Muyuan Foods Co Ltd. had two wholly owned subsidiaries and one participating company, and was raising more than one million pigs for slaughter per year.


- Muyuan went public on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange with the stock code of 002714.

- Tanghe Muyuan Livestock Co., Ltd., Fugou Muyuan Livestock Co., Ltd., Huaxian Muyuan Livestock Co., Ltd., Qixian Muyuan Livestock Co., Ltd., Zhengyang Muyuan Livestock Co., Ltd. and Tongxu Muyuan Livestock Co., Ltd. were established.


- Naiman Muyuan Livestock Co., Ltd was established in Inner Mongolia, marking Muyuan’s pig farming expansion into Northeast China.

- Muyuan University was established.

2018: Henan Xinghua Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and Henan Hongxin Detection Technology Co., Ltd. were established. Non-heated pig houses were applied and promoted throughout the Company.

2020: Muyuan Meat Co., Ltd. was put into operation, with a slaughter capacity of 2 million heads.


2022: The company's slaughter business has been carried out in 11 provinces of China, covering 25 counties in 21 cities. Ten slaughter plants have been in operation with a slaughter volume of 7.36 million heads of pigs. A total of 1982 patents has been applied for by the Company.


According to muyuanfoods.com & Wikipedia

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