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(worldkings.org) Loacker S.p.A. is an Italian company known for producing and marketing wafers and chocolate products.

The company was founded in 1925 in South Tyrol, Italy, by Alfons Loacker. They are particularly renowned for their high-quality wafer biscuits and chocolate-covered products.

Loacker has gained international recognition for its premium confectionery items, and its products are often sold in various countries worldwide. They have a range of wafer-based snacks, including wafer cookies with different fillings and coatings.

(Wowtimes) Loacker’s history and achievements

  • 1925: The company was founded in the historic city center of Bolzano by the Austrian confectioner Alfons Loacker.
  • 1940: Alfons’s pastry-making skills, using ingredients he selected, were an instant hit, and the business slowly but steadily began to grow.
  • 1958: The second generation joined. Armin Loacker had a diploma as a pastry chef, had gained some experience abroad, and had a strong desire to make his contribution to the family business.
  • 1967: The purchase of the first automated oven for wafers boosted production exponentially and exports began to grow thanks to the new stay-fresh packaging.
  • 1974: The bakery was moved up to Renon, in Auna di Sotto marking the transition from a small regional bakery to an industrial reality, by moving away from the city.
  • 1975: The distribution of Loacker wafer specialties in Northern Italy began and thanks to increasing global demand, new markets like the Middle East, China, and Japan opened up.
  • 1984: Loacker Gnometti mascot was introduced. They also helped Loacker to conquer the leadership in the Italian market.
  • 1996: The third generation of the family joined the company.
  • 1999: A new production facility opened in Heinfels, East Tyrol.
  • 2006: Loacker opened the first Loacker Café at the Brennero.
  • 2019: Dolomites Milk, a joint venture between Loacker and the South Tyrolean dairy cooperative BRIMI, was founded which comprises 1,100 local farmers.
  • 2021: 966 million pieces were produced and 37,534 tons of products were sold.
  • 2022: Loacker announced initiating a multi-year partnership with Sammontana to produce a new range of Loacker-branded ice creams.

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