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(worldkings.org) Lam Research Corporation is an American supplier of wafer-fabrication equipment and related services to the semiconductor industry. Its products are used primarily in front-end wafer processing, which involves the steps that create the active components of semiconductor devices (transistors, capacitors) and their wiring (interconnects). The company also builds equipment for back-end wafer-level packaging (WLP) and for related manufacturing markets such as for microelectromechanical systems (MEMS).



The company’s milestones: 

1980: Lam Research was founded in 1980 by David K. Lam, a Chinese-born engineer.

1981: The company introduced its first product, the AutoEtch 480, an automated polysilicon plasma etcher.

1985: Opened first offices in Europe.

1987: Introduced Rainbow® etch system. 

1988: Invented single-wafer spin clean technology

1990: Lam Research introduces its Integrity system.



1991: Lam opened its Lam Technology Center, a wholly owned subsidiary, near Tokyo in 1991 to support its increased activities in that region.

1992:Company debuts its Transformer Coupled Plasma (TCP) technology.

1995: As semiconductors played a greater role in more everyday products, such as cars and televisions, the entire industry expanded dramatically, growing 77 percent in 1995.

2000:  Established Lam Research Foundation

2005: Launched SOLA® UVTP film treatment system.

2011: Established Corus, now Lam Manufacturing Korea.

2016: Launched Lam Research Capital

2020: Announced Sense.i™ plasma etch system. 



2021: Lam opened a manufacturing facility in Batu Kawan, Malaysia to meet growing demand for wafer fabrication equipment and to be to work more closely with key customers and supply chain partners.

According to lamresearch.com. Source of photos: internet 


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