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(worldkings.org) Dynic Corporation is a Japanese company with headquarters located in Kyoto and Tokyo, specializing in the production of stationery and textile products.

The company manufactures print media supplies, publishing products, stationery products, non-woven fabric products, special embossed products, foils, films, and paper products.

The company expanded overseas over the years and now has subsidiaries in Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, the United States, Thailand, the UK and China. In Japan the company has factories in Taga, Shiga, Fukaya, Saitama, Kita, Tokyo, Fuji, Shizuoka and in Mooka, Tochigi.


The company's milestones:

- In 1919: The company was established as Nippon Cloth Industry Co., Ltd. in Kyoto.

- In 1929: Tenjingawa factory completed in Kyoto.

- In 1932: Began the manufacture of typewriter ribbons.

- In 1937: Ohira Kako Paper Co., Ltd was established and Oji Factory was completed.

- In 1942: Changed the name of Ohira Kako Paper Co., Ltd. to Ohira Paper Co., Ltd. and put the Fuji factory under the company's auspices.

- In 1948: Tokyo office opened.

- In 1951: Company listed on the stock exchange.

- In 1952: Tokyo factory inaugurated.

- In 1957: Produced the first domestic nonwoven fabric "PANELON".

- In 1964: Fukaya factory completed.

- In 1965: Production and sales of "STAFLEX" fusible interlining began.

- In 1967: Established Taiwan Kerakushi Industry Co., Ltd.

- In 1970: Moka factory completed.

- In 1973: Production and sales of print name materials "NIC SEVEN" began.

- In 1974: Company name changed from Nippon Cloth Industry Co., Ltd. to Dynic Corporation.

- In 1978: Shiga factory completed (Kyoto factory completely moved to Shiga Factory).

- In 1979: Dynic (H.K.) Ltd. established.

- In 1988: Dynic USA Corp. establishedThai Staflex Co., Ltd. established.

- In 1990: Dynic(U.K.) established.

- In 1991: Dalian Dynic Office Products Co., Ltd. established in China.

- In 1993: Kunshan Staflex Textile Co., Ltd. established.

- In 1996: Saitama factory inaugurated.

- In 2002: Dynic International Trading(Shanghai)Co.,Ltd. established in China.

- In 2011: Tokyo head office and Saitama Factory acquired FSCTM/CoC certification.

- In 2013: Tpcnic Co., Ltd. established.

- In 2018: Dynic (CZ) s.r.o. established.

- In 2020: Dynic Singapore Pte. Ltd. established.

According to dynic.co.jp, en.wikipedia.org

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