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(Worldkings.org) Founded in 1996, Nongfu Spring is China’s largest packaging water supplier, holding the number one spot for market share and is one of the top 20 beverage companies in China.

Nongfu Spring is a Chinese bottled water and beverage company headquartered in Xihu District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang province. It is owned and chaired by founder Zhong Shanshan.

Since its foundation, Nongfu Spring has strictly adhered to a “natural and healthy” philosophy, never using tap water and never adding artificial minerals to its drinking water. In order to ensure a continuous supply of high-quality natural water, Nongfu Spring has a unique strategic vision and prospectively lays out twelve scarce high-quality natural water sources in China, laying the foundation and ability to provide consumers with long-term natural health services and form long-term Stable competitive advantage.

Nongfu Spring is constantly innovating and diversifying its product offerings. In addition to drinking water, it has launched ready-to-drink tea, functional drinks, fruit juice, plant protein, coffee and other categories.


The company’s milestones:

September 26, 1996: Nongfu Spring is founded by Zhong Shanshan, formerly known as Zhejiang Qiandao Lake Yangshengtang Drinking Water Co., Ltd.

1997: The company launches the first packaged drinking water product with water sourced from Qiandao Lake, Zhejiang.

April 24, 2000: Since purified water is not beneficial to human health, Nongfu Spring announces to the industry that they no longer produce purified water and instead produce fully natural water.


2003: Nongfu Spring launches the world’s first fruit juice drink containing fruit grains, and it was also the first batch of mixed fruit and vegetable juice drinks at that time.

2008: the company launches a water-soluble vitamin C drinks, Shuirong C100.

2010: the company launches Victory Vitamin Water beverage.

2011: the sugar-free tea drinks Oriental Leaf is launched.


- Whisked Milk Tea series of milk tea beverages is born.

- Nongfu Springs natural water has become the most popular bottled water in China.

2014: the company launches Orange 17.5°, entering the fruit market for the first time and expanding its product offering.

August 2018: Nongfu Spring begins cross-border development and launches a series of rice products. After that, sports drinks, plant-based protein yogurts, face masks, body lotions, coffees, espresso machines, and other products are launched into the market.

2018: Nongfu Spring's revenue is 20,911 billion yuan, profit is 3,616 billion yuan, total assets are 20.075 billion yuan, net assets are 14.411 billion yuan, and market share is 28.3 %.


As of 2019: It manages more than 4,000 dealers and more than 10,000 front-line sales personnel and sales management personnel across the country through its mobile phone terminal system. Nongfu Spring ranks among the top three in the Chinese market for tea beverages, functional beverages and juice beverages.

April 29, 2020: Nongfu Spring filed for listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and was officially listed on September 8.


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