[WorldKings - Wowtimes - Almanac Events & Achievements 2023] Impressions of Corning Incorporated, a leading innovator in materials science in 162 years of operation (1851)


(worldkings.org) Corning Incorporated is an American multinational technology company that specializes in specialty glass, ceramics, and related materials and technologies including advanced optics, primarily for industrial and scientific applications.

As of 2014, Corning had five major business sectors: display technologies, environmental technologies, life sciences, optical communications, and specialty materials. Corning is involved in two joint ventures: Dow Corning and Pittsburgh Corning.It is one of the world's biggest glassmakers. Corning won the National Medal of Technology and Innovation four times for its product and process innovations.

The company’s milestones:

1851: Corning Glass Works was founded by Amory Houghton, in Somerville, Massachusetts, originally as the Bay State Glass Co. It later moved to Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and operated as the Brooklyn Flint Glass Works.



1868: The company moved to New York.

1908: The firm established one of the first industrial research labs in New York. 

1912: America's railroads face a dangerous problem at the turn of the century. The glass globes of signal lanterns, vital to the railroads' safe operation, sometimes shatter due to thermal expansion caused by extreme temperature changes. Corning solves this problem by developing a heat-resistant, low-expansion glass able to withstand sudden jolts of heat and cold.

1915: Corning creates an improved glass formula under the PYREX® brand. PYREX® becomes synonymous with a line of highly durable cookware and laboratory glass products still available today.




1934: Corning scientist Dr. J Franklin Hyde’s experimentation with vaporized liquids would lead to a process for producing a nearly pure silica compound. This process, known as vapor deposition, and the material, high purity fused silica, would later be used by Corning for creating numerous products including spacecraft windows, optical lenses, optical fiber and telescope mirrors.

1935: Dr. George McCauley, a Corning physicist, designs and directs Corning’s production of a 200-inch mirror blank for the Hale Telescope at Mount Palomar- the world’s largest piece of glass at that time.

1948: Corning began its journey into the television market by manufacturing television glass.

1961: The Mercury spacecraft made the first successful American manned flight equipped with heat-resistant windows manufactured by Corning.

1962: Corning developed Chemcor, a new toughened automobile windshield designed to be thinner and lighter than existing windshields, which reduced danger of personal injury by shattering into small granules when smashed.



1990: Corning produces glass for the mirror of the Hubble Telescope, designed in the 1970s and launched in 1990, and the Gemini Project's new telescope on Mauna Kea, Hawaii.

1994: Corning receives the National Medal of Technology for life-changing and life-enhancing inventions that enabled new industries- lighting, television, and optical communications.

2007: Cell phone manufacturers challenge Corning to find a cover glass for their devices that is more damage-resistant than traditional materials such as soda-lime glass and plastic. Corning finds a way to make glass thin and light enough for mobile devices, but still tough enough to resist the scratches, bumps, and drops of everyday use — and Gorilla® Glass is born.

2011: Corning unveiled Lotus Glass, an environmentally friendly and high-performance glass developed for OLED and LCD displays.

2019: Apple announced that it would invest $250 million in Corning, in an effort to develop and manufacture the glass needed for many of its products, including the iPhone, Apple Watch, and iPad.



2023: PGT Innovations and Corning Incorporated Collaborate to Develop Advanced Window Technologies. The two products produced by the collaboration to date are PGT Innovations’ Thin Triple Insulated Glass Unit (Thin Triple IGU) and Diamond Glass, both featuring Corning® Architectural Technical Glass (ATG).

According to corning.com; ir.pgtinnovations.com; en.wikipedia.org. 


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