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(worldkings.org) Robomow (also known as Friendly Robotics) is a lawn mowing robot company founded in Even Yehuda, Israel in 1995 by Udi Peless and Shai Abramson.

Robomow was originally named ‘Friendly Machines’ with the goal of constructing robots that will, as Udi Peless says in Space Daily, "move in and around the home, doing the mundane tasks that people do not like to do anymore".

Robomow mowers are rechargeable, environmentally-friendly designed to meet all safety standards. Robomow also comes with its own mobile application (the Robomow app) for remote and interactive control.

The company has been mentioned in several magazines including: Design News, Business Wire, Washington Home and Garden and Vanity Fair.


The company's milestones:

- In 1995: Robomow was founded by two entrepreneurs - Udi Peless and Shai Abramson.

- In 1997: The Robomow Classic model debuted in the GLEE exhibition in Birmingham, UK in 1997 and was the ‘father’ of Friendly Robotics’ official first model.

- In 1998: Start selling Robomow Classic models.

- In 1999: The company name was changed to Friendly Robotics.

- In 2000: The 2nd generation of robotic mowers - the Robomow RL platform was born. Compared to the Robomow Classic, the Robomow RL was far more advanced, smaller, lighter and more user-friendly.

- In 2003: Robomow entered into a joint venture with the Hoover Company to create the RV, the first robotic vacuum cleaner.

- In 2005: Friendly Robotics made the strategic decision to put its brand name 'Robomow' at center stage. Although the company is still called Friendly Robotics, today, the Robomow brand is widely recognized all over the world.

- In 2008: The Robomow RM made its debut as the 3rd generation of robotic mowers. Smaller, lighter and an improved version of the Robomow RL, RM was designed specifically for the small lawn.

- In 2011: Robomow introduced its RED Robomow line – the younger and slightly lower cost version of the successful RL and RM models.

- In 2013: Robomow RS was born – this is the 4th generation of robotic mowers. The product line was a huge success overnight, selling 5000 units in the first year alone.

- In 2014: The 5th generation of robotic mowers was born, designed for lawns up to 600m2.

- In 2017: The 6th generation of robotic mowers was born.

- In 2021: Launched two new lines of robotic mowers: RK and RT.

According to robomow.com, en.wikipedia.org 

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