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(worldkings.org) Calidad Pascual S.A.U. (formerly known as Grupo Leche Pascual) is a Spanish dairy company based in Madrid, Spain.

The company specializes in the production and packaging of milk and its derivatives, as well as other food products such as yogurt, juice, soft drinks, liquid eggs, tortillas, mineral water and soy milk.

It is one of the largest consumer brands of dairy products in Spain.


The company's milestones:


- In 1969: Industrias Lacteas Pascual SA, the beginning of the Pascual Milk Group, was established.

In 1973: Claiming a foothold in the Spanish food market as a pioneer in using Tetra Brik packaging with a ultra-pasteurization process to help preserve milk longer.

In 1974: Launched Pascual skimmed milk, a pioneer in Spain. In addition, the company is licensed to exploit Ortigosa del Monte (Segovia) spring, from which to market the Bezoya mineral water brand.

In 1980: The company launched its first brand of skimmed milk – Leche Pascual Desnatada.

In 1986: The company began to produce juices under the Zumosol brand.

In 1994: Pascual began to expand internationally, mainly focusing on exporting pasteurized yogurt and long-lasting desserts..

In 1995: Introducing a wide range of pasteurized yogurts to the market, being the first Spanish company to do so.

In 1997: Bifrutas, the first drink on the market to combine juices and milk, is launched in Spain.

In 2002: The company launched Vivesoy, a range of soy-based drinks and juices.

In 2004: Opened bottling plant in Gurb, Barcelona.

In 2005: Pascual once again pioneers the launch of the first sterile PET bottle for the packaging of Uperisada Milk.

In 2010: The organization Tomás Pascual Sanz and Pilar Gómez-Cuétara was founded. The company also acquired Café Mocay to develop the food service business.

In 2012: Signed an agreement to sell yogurt in the Philippines with Asia Brewery under the Creamy Delight brand.

In 2013: Qualianza, Pascual's distribution company, is established.

In 2014: Pascual Quality is established.

In 2018: Become the only major producer whose farms are all certified for animal welfare by AENOR, the Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification.

In 2021: Pascual tuyên bố tất cả chai nước Bezoya của công ty được làm từ 100% nhựa tái chế.

In 2022: Acquired Café Jurado and become one of the leaders in the Spanish coffee sector.

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