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(worldkings.org) Telepizza is the world's leading Mediterranean pizza delivery company well-recognized for its freshly handmade and delicious pizzas.

Telepizza is a Spanish multinational pizza restaurant chain. As of 2017, it is the largest pizza chain not originating in North America by the number of stores.

The Madrid-based chain of fast-food restaurants and delivery services has built up a network of more than 767 stores. Approximately half of TelePizza's outlets are owned by the company. The remainders are operated under franchise agreements. Having built up the largest-selling fast food chain in Spain, where it outperforms even McDonald's, TelePizza has set out to conquer the world.

More than 250 of its outlets are located in the international market, especially in Chile, Portugal, Mexico, Poland, the United Kingdom, France, and Morocco. TelePizza has also branched out from its original pizza recipe, bringing the restaurant concepts TeleGrill (chicken, ribs) and TeleWorld (international food court) to the Spanish consumer.

(Wowtimes)Telepizza’s history andachievements

  • 1987: Telepizza was founded as "Pizza Phone" in 1987 by Leopoldo Fernández Puja
  • 1988: The name was changed to Telepizza
  • 1990: Telepizza opened of 20th restaurant

  • 1992: International expansion to Portugal, Mexico, Chile, and Poland.
  • 1996: Telepizza was listed on Madrid Stock Exchange.
  • 1998: Telepizza opened of 600th restaurant
  • 1999: Acquisition of Hippo Pizza (UK); launch of TeleOriental; founder Pujals sells stock.

  • 2000: Merger of TelePizza with TeleChef
  • 2016: Telepizza completed an IPO
  • 2017: Telepizza opened its first establishment in the United Kingdom, its first store in Iran and its first store in South Asia


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