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(worldkings.org) Ben & Jerry's Homemade Holdings Inc., trading and commonly known as Ben & Jerry's, is an American company that manufactures ice cream, frozen yogurt, and sorbet. It is the best-selling ice-cream brand in the United States, with total sales of about 6.97 billion US dollars.



Ben & Jerry's is known for their original flavors, many of which incorporate foods and deserts mixed with ice cream. Some of these flavors have been themed after musicians, comedians, and public figures, such as Jerry Garcia, Stephen Colbert, Colin Kaepernick, and Phish.

The company’s milestones:

On May 5, 1978 - The company was founded by Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, who had been friends since their childhood in Merrick, New York.

In 1979 – The founders marked their anniversary by holding the first "free cone day", now an annual event at every Ben & Jerry's store.

In 1980 - Cohen and Greenfield rented space in an old spool and bobbin mill on South Champlain Street in Burlington and started packing their ice cream in pints.

In 1981 - The first Ben & Jerry's franchise opened in 1981, on Route 7 in Shelburne, Vermont.



In 1983 -  Ben & Jerry's ice cream was used to build "the world's largest ice cream sundae" in St. Albans, Vermont; the sundae weighed 27,102 pounds (12,293 kg). That same year, the cows on their cartons were redesigned by local artist Woody Jackson.

In 1985 -  Ben & Jerry’s Foundation was established at the end of the year with a gift from Ben & Jerry's to fund community-oriented projects.

In 1986 - Ben & Jerry's launched its "Cowmobile", a modified mobile home used to distribute free scoops of Ben & Jerry's ice cream in a unique, cross-country "marketing drive", driven and served by Ben and Jerry themselves.

In 1987 -  As a tribute to guitarist Jerry Garcia, Ben & Jerry's presented its first ice cream named for a rock legend and the most famous of fan-suggested flavors, "Cherry Garcia".

In 1991 - Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough is released in pints after years of research and development. The flavor rockets to the top of the most-popular-in-pints list. Today it still reigns among the brand all-time flavor hits.



In 1992 - Ben & Jerry's joins in a cooperative campaign with the national non profit, Children's Defense Fund; the campaign goal is to bring children's basic needs to the top of the national agenda.

In 1996 - Ben & Jerry's introduces Sorbets made with pure spring water & the best fruits & flavorings. Doonesberry® Sorbet is named after the popular "Doonesbury®" comic strip character.

In April 2000 - Ben & Jerry's sold itself to British multinational food giant Unilever.

In 2001 -  Ben & Jerry's U.S. completed the transition to "Eco-Pint" packaging, which packaged all pint flavors in environmentally friendly unbleached paperboard Eco-Pint containers, a decision it later reversed.

In 2007 - Ben & Jerry appeared on the The Colbert Report on March 5, 2007 to promote their new ice cream flavor, Stephen Colbert's AmeriCone Dream, and their grassroots education and advocacy project.



In 2009 - The company renamed a flavor, Yes Pecan, in reference to Barack Obama's victory January 2009 to donate all proceeds made on the sale of that flavor to the Common Cause Education Fund.

In 2012 - Ben & Jerry’s gets creative with real Greek yogurt, introducing an epic selection of Greek Frozen Yogurt flavors that are uniquely creamy, boldly loaded with chunks and swirls, and really Greekin' good!

In 2016 –  Ben & Jerry’s Non-Dairy flavor creations are made with almond milk, 100% Certified Vegan, and boldly loaded with chunks and swirls.

In 2017 - The brand lauches Pint Slices, inspired by the very best part of the pint, give fans a way to enjoy euphoric flavors, chunks and swirls in a round single serving that’s enrobed in a decadent chocolatey coating.

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