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(worldkings.org) The Home Depot, the world’s largest home improvement specialty retailer, values and rewards dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced professionals. The company operate over 2,200 retail stores in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, Canada and Mexico.

The Home Depot, Inc., commonly known as Home Depot, is the largest home improvement retailer in the United States, supplying tools, construction products, appliances, and services. The company is headquartered in incorporated Cobb County, Georgia, with an Atlanta mailing address.

It operates many big-box format stores across the United States (including the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands); all 10 provinces of Canada; and all 32 Mexican states and Mexico City. MRO company Interline Brands (now The Home Depot Pro) is also owned by The Home Depot, with 70 distribution centers across the United States.



The company’s milestones:

-In 1978 - The Home Depot was co-founded by Bernard Marcus, Arthur Blank, Ron Brill, and Pat Farrah in 1978. The Home Depot's proposition was to build home-improvement superstores, larger than any of their competitors' facilities.

- In 1979 – The first two stores, built in spaces leased from J. C. Penney that were originally Treasure Island "hypermarket" (discount department and grocery) stores, opened in metro Atlanta (in Doraville and on Memorial Drive in Decatur, both near I-285) on June 22, 1979.

- On September 22, 1981 - The Home Depot went public on the NASDAQ.

- On April 19, 1984 - The Home Depot joined the New York Stock Exchange.

- In 1989 - The Home Depot became the largest home improvement store in the United States surpassing Lowe's.

- In 1991 - An installation program for quality home improvement items such as windows or carpets was launched in 1991 called the EXPO with success.

- In 1992 - Home Depot launched its Olympic Job Opportunity Program.



- In 1997 - The company unveiled its plan to open a store in Chile in January 1997.

- In 2000 - With more than 430,000 employees, The Home Depot, Inc. is considered one of the largest home improvement retailers in the United States.

- In 2001 - The "EXPO Design Center" division was reorganized in 2001 with three divisions based in the Northeast at South Plainfield, New Jersey, the West at Orange, California, and the Southeast at Atlanta, Georgia.

- In 2002 - The Home Depot entered the Mexican market in 2002 with the acquisition of the home improvement chain Del Norte.

- In 2004 - Apex Supply and Maintenance Warehouse were rebranded in 2004 as "The Home Depot Supply."

- In September 2005 - Home Depot Direct launched its online home-furnishings store, 10 Crescent Lane, shortly followed by the launch of "Paces Trading Company," its online lighting store.

- In 2007 - The Home Depot Supply rebranded under the new name HD Supply in January 2007.



- In 2013 - The Home Depot established two large distribution centers in Atlanta and Los Angeles.

- In September 2014 - The company had a data breach in September 2014. One major reason for the data breach was the practice of entering credit card numbers directly into computers at the service-desk and pro-desk, and in specialty departments including flooring, kitchen cabinets, appliances, and millwork, rather than using POS credit card terminals directly.

- As of 2020 - Home Depot is ranked #26 on the Fortune 500 rankings of the largest United States corporations by total revenue.

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