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(worldkings.org) NTT DOCOMO, Japan's largest telecommunications company, provides innovative, convenient and secure mobile services that enable customers to realize smarter lives.

The name is officially an abbreviation of the phrase, "do communications over the mobile network", and is also from a compound word dokomo, meaning "everywhere" in Japanese. Docomo provides phone, video phone (FOMA and Some PHS), i-mode (internet), and mail (i-mode mail, Short Mail, and SMS) services. The company's headquarters are in the Sanno Park Tower, Nagatachō, Chiyoda, Tokyo.

NTT Docomo is the largest wireless carrier in Japan, with 82.632 million subscribers as of March 2021.

Outside Japan, the company provides technical and operational expertise to mobile operators and other partner companies, and contributes to the global standardization of new mobile technologies.



The company’s milestones:

- In 1991:

Established "NT Mobile Communication Planning Co., Ltd."

Started offering "Ultra-compact mobile phone Mova".

- In 1992:

Changed trade name to " NTT Mobile Communication Network Co., Ltd. ".

The communication brand has been decided as "NTT DoCoMo".

NTT Mobile Communications Network, Inc. takes over mobile communications business of the reorganizing Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT) in July.

- In 1993: Launches mova 2G (800 MHz) digital cellular phone service.

- In 1994: Launches CITYPHONE 1.5 GHz digital cellular phone service in urban areas.

- In 1996:Start of "Pager Next Service (FLEX-TD method)". Start of satellite mobile/car phone service and satellite ship phone service.

- In 1997: Launches DoPa packet-data communications service.

- In 1998:

Established "NTT DoCoMo R&D Center" at Yokosuka Research Park (YRP), Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture.

Established the first overseas subsidiary "DoCoMo Europe SA".

Lists on Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Took over Personal Handyphone System (PHS) business from NTT Personal Group

- In 1999:

Launched i-mode as world's first mobile Internet-services platform

Launched of mobile phone and PHS complex terminal "Dotchimo".

Started "Puri Call" service (later changed to "Mobiler's Check").

"NTT DoCoMo USA, Inc." established.

- In 2000:

Opened "DoCoMo113.com", the first mobile phone industry's specialized site for broken mobile phones.

Changed official name to NTT DoCoMo, Inc.

Established "DoCoMo Europe (UK) Limited".

- In 2001:

Launched 3G FOMA service on fully commercialized basis.

Launched the Java application " i-appli " service, satellite aircraft phone service and video distribution service "i-motion".

- In 2002:

Started image transmission and reception service "i-shot".

Listed on London (delisted on March 2014) and New York stock exchanges

- In 2003: Launched international roaming service "WORLD WING" and service "Melody Call".

- In 2004: Started FeliCa "Osaifu-Keitai" i-mode service and i-mode package "Pake-hodai" fixed price service.

- In 2005: Launched iD credit brand and established "DoCoMo Capital, Inc." Also launched "i-channel", "Push Talk" service and "Famiwari Wide" service..

- In 2006: Launched of DCMX mobile credit card service, "Chaku-Uta Full" service and Push-to-talk flat-rate service "Kake Hodai".

- In  2007:Launched "Pake Hodai Full", a flat-rate packet service for i-mode full browsers..

- In 2008: Merged with eight regional subsidiaries and rebrands corporation. At the same time, the company's brand logo was changed from "NTT DoCoMo" to "NTT docomo".

- In 2009:

Launched " Letter Photo Service " and "Fixed-Price Ubiquitous Plan" services

Japan's first Android- equipped smartphone, Google mobile "HT-03A" released..

Launched the new rate plan "Type Simple" and the new flat-rate services "Pake-hodai Simple" and "Biz-hodai Simple".

- In 2010: Launched one of world's first LTE services, Xi (read "crossy").

- In 2011: Started operation of "2Dfacto" , an e-book distribution site for NTT DoCoMo's smartphones and e-book readers, in partnership with Dai Nippon Printing..

- In 2013: Changed official name to NTT DOCOMO, INC.

- In  2014: Became Japan's first mobile phone carrier flat-rate voice call system.

- In 2015: Started fixed-line service " docomo Hikari " using NTT East and West FLET'S Hikari service wholesale.

- In 2018: Developed a weeding robot for vegetable farmers in collaboration with Minoru Sangyo and Vegetable Club (Showa Village, Gunma Prefecture).

- In 2020:Started service for the 5th generation mobile phone "docomo 5G".

According to docomo.ne.jp, ja.wikipedia.org

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