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(worldkings.org) Yıldız Holding is a Turkish conglomerate that is best known for manufacturing food products.

Yıldız Holding is among the largest food manufacturers in CEEMEA (Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Africa), generating revenues of 42.3 billion TL in 2017 across all businesses. In addition to food, the company also produces other consumer goods and has its own retail, private equity and real estate operations.



Yıldız Holding has over 320 brands available in more than 130 countries, employs 56,000 people and has 80 factories (25 of which are outside Turkey). Through Yıldız Holding's core focus on biscuits, cakes and confectionery, the company has become number two in the world in the sweet biscuits category and number seven in the chocolate category by revenue.


The company's milestones:

- In 1944: The company’s founders, brothers Sabri and Asım Ülker, begin baking their first petit beurre biscuits a in a small Istanbul shop.

- In 1948: Production is moved to their first factory, significantly increasing production capacity.

- In 1965:Launched a new  Ülker Biscuit Factory in Topkapı, introducing modern production techniques. This leads to an increase in variety of biscuits and improved distribution..

- In 1970: The company began production in Ankara, moving biscuit production outside of Istanbul for the first time. Anadolu Gıda is established as the first public company in Turkey.

- In 1972: One production line at the Istanbul biscuit factory begins chocolate production.



- In 1974: The popularity of Ülker Chocolate led to the opening of a dedicated factory in Istanbul. In the same year, the company started exporting to the Middle East and created the R&D Department to catch up with other international food companies.

- In 1978: The company started producing its own flour to ensure the purity of the key ingredient in our biscuits and cakes.

- In 1984: Topkapı Makine is founded to create the machines required for biscuit and chocolate production within the group.

- In 1989: Yıldız Holding was established through the consolidation of the group's subsidiaries.

- In 1992: Thành lập Besler Gıda, một trong những mắt xích mạnh nhất trong chuỗi tăng trưởng của tập đoàn.



- In 1993: Partnered with Cerestar Group, the largest starch producer in Europe and established Pendik Nişasta Company. In addition, Ülkerspor Basketball Sports Club elite team was also established this year.

- In 1995: Started producing the first cake bars and filled cakes in Turkey.

- In 1996: Entered the milk and dairy products industry with the opening of Ak Gıda factory and the launch of the Ülker İçim brand.

- In 1999: The group acquired a biscuit factory in Karaman and a chocolate factory in Jeddah.

- In 2000: The company expanded into new product categories, including chewing gum, instant soups, and other cooking products. A new line of instant soups, Bizim Mutfak, becomes one of the company's strongest brands.



- In 2001: Acquired a big chunk of Baycan, the world's third-largest producer of gum at the time.

- In 2002: Acquired soda brand Çamlıca to reinforce its position in the market. Della Gıda begins to produce beverages.

- In 2003: Entered the ice cream market with the Golf brand ice cream.

- In 2004: Invested in the instant coffee industry with the Cafe Crown brand, following the success of the specially-flavoured traditional Turkish coffee one year earlier.



- In 2005: Became partners with Kellogg's, the world’s largest cereal manufacturer.

- In 2007: Acquired nternational premium chocolate brand Godiva, a division of the Campbell Soup Company.

- In 2008:

Started investing  in Unmas, producer of UNO, Turkey’s first packaged bread, and Doruk Unlu Mamulleri, which runs the bakery chain Komşu Fırın.

In addition, the company also acquired the Turkish tea production companies Doğaçay and Obaçay.

Entered the frozen food industry with the acquisition of Kerevitaş, Turkey's first frozen food brand.

Founded the Sabri Ülker Food Research Foundation.

Launched of the Ülker Children's Film Festival, giving children across Turkey films from in honor of National Sovereignty and Children's Day. The festival is now a tradition, taking place on April 23 every year.



- In 2009: Established the Continental Confectionery Company through an equal partnership agreement with Gumlink, paving the way to make Turkey a European hub for chewing gum and confectionaries.

- In 2010:

Signed a partnership agreement with the Eckes-Granini Group, one of the leading juice producers in Europe, founding a new company called Yıldız Granini.

Signed an equal partnership agreement with global spice company McCormick to create a new Turkish spice company called Yıldız McCormick.

- In 2011: Cash & carry company Bizim Toptan is listed on the Istanbul Stock Exchange.



- In 2013: Pasta production company Nissin Yıldız Gıda San is founded in partnership with Japanese company Nissin Foods. 

- In 2014: Yıldız Holding became the third largest biscuit manufacturer in the world through the acquisition of British food giant United Biscuits.

- In 2016: Established Pladis with the merger of United Biscuits, Ülker, Godiva Chocolatier and DeMet's Candy Company.

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