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(worldkings.org) As of 2022, Auchan is one of the world's largest retailers with a direct presence in France, Spain, Portugal, Luxembourg, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Ukraine, Russia, Taiwan and Senegal.

Auchan is a French multinational retail group headquartered in Croix, France. It was founded in 1961 by Gérard Mulliez and is owned by the Mulliez family, who has 95% stake in the company. With 354,851 employees, of which 261,000 have 5% stake in the company, it is the 35th largest employer in the world.

Originally, the store was to be called "Ochan", but because of the Japanese sounding, changed the name to "Auchan". The choice of the initial letter "A" was desired by the founders to appear in first place in directories.

The holding company, Auchan Holding, includes Auchan Retail International, Ceetrus, which operates shopping centers and Oney, which offers financial services. It operates as Alcampo in Spain, Auchan in Portugal, Aшан (Ashan) in Russia and Ukraine, and through a joint-venture as RT-Mart in China (Auchan brand is also used) and Taiwan.

(WOWTIMES) Auchan’s history and achievements

  • 1961: Gérard Mulliez opens the first Auchan store in a disused factory of the company Phildar, founded by his father, also named Gérard.
  • 1967: Auchan got its first hypermarket.
  • 1969: Auchan opened the Englos-les-Géants shopping center at Englos in the Lille metropolis. Englos les Giants was the first shopping mall with a hypermarket and a retail park in France.
  • 1977: Auchan began to extend its network of hypermarkets across the country.
  • 1981: First international store opens in Spain.
  • 1988: The first American Auchan store opened in western Houston.
  • 1997: Auchan sold its hypermarkets in Thailand to Groupe Casino.
  • 1999: Auchan opened its first store in Shanghai, China.
  • 2008: Suzhou store expanded and is the biggest Auchan Hypermarket in China, the second biggest in the world.
  • 2012: Auchan offers online shopping only in those two cities so far and is opening in Suzhou its first AuchanDrive store, based on its French model (click & go).
  • 2016: Auchan was ranked first in a list of the largest foreign-owned companies by the Russian edition of Forbes.
  • 2017: Auchan operated a number of unmanned convenience stores, marketed as BingoBox, in China.

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