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(worldkings) Ubisoft Entertainment S.A. is a multi-platform game publisher and developer company, headquartered in Montreuil-sous-Bois, France, with many studios and subsidiaries worldwide.

As a global company with game development studios located in 17 countries and 28 countries with operating subsidiaries, Ubisoft is always taking certain steps to accomplish many achievements. The Ubisoft team has always strived to follow the motto of "Enriching players' lives by creating memorable and meaningful gaming experiences." As of 2022, the company's total assets have reached 4.959 billion euros.

The company’s milestones:

- In 1986: The Guillemot brothers founded Ubisoft as a computer game publishing company in France. The company initially operated in the country, and by the end of the decade had begun to expand to other markets such as the US, Australia and Germany.

- In 1990s: The company established a studio in Montreuil (France) - the current headquarters of the company. Ubisoft around this time also released many games and achieved certain sales. In 1996, Ubi Soft listed its initial public offering and raised over US$80 million in funds to help them to expand the company.

- In 2000: Ubisoft acquired Red Storm Entertainment.

- In 2001: Ubisoft acquires The Learning Company's entertainment division. The company also established its editorial department in this year.

- In 2003: Renamed from “Ubi Soft” to "Ubisoft".

- In 2005: Ubisoft acquired the NHL Rivals, NFL Fever, NBA Inside Drive and MLB Inside Pitch franchises from Microsoft Game Studios..

- In 2007: First time launching Assassin's Creed - one of Ubisoft's trademark game series.

- In 2008: The company acquired Hybride Technologies and Massive Entertainment. Also this year, the game Far Cry 2 was released to the public with the Dunia engine..

- In 2011: Established Ubisoft Film & Television division and named it Ubisoft Motion Pictures.

- In 2013: Ubisoft acquired South Park: The Stick of Truth from THQ.

- In 2015: The company set up a Consumer Relationship Centre in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

- In 2018: Ubisoft announced a partnership with Tencent to help bring their games into the Chinese market.

- December 2021: Ubisoft announced its Ubisoft Quartz blockchain program.

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