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(worldkings.org) Asatsu-DK Inc. commonly abbreviated as ADK, is a Japanese advertising agency with headquarters in Chūō, Tokyo.

It is Japan's third largest advertising agency after Dentsu and Hakuhodo, with more than 80 offices in more than 20 countries. Asatsu-DK Inc. owns a variety of interests, including production companies NAS; animation studio Eiken; animation studio Gonzo; Nihon Bungeisha Publishing; production studio Sun Artist Studio, Supervision Inc.; television commercial production house Prime Pictures; and creative services company Tokyo Ad Party. Asatsu-DK is also involved in producing and providing its services to numerous anime series through itself as well as its subsidiaries.

The company’s milestones:

- March 1956: Asatsu Inc. was founded by President Masao Inagaki in Mejiro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo. At first, the company mainly handled magazine advertising.

- February 1994:Establishment of joint-capital venture in Beijing, China, with umbrella company of People’s Daily.

- In 1998:Resource and professional tie-up with WPP Group plc, one of the world’s top three advertising organizations.

- In 1999:ASATSU Inc. and Dai-Ichi Kikaku Co., Ltd., merged, marking the beginning of ASATSU-DK.

- In 2000: Establishment of ASATSU-DK VIETNAM INC.

- In 2001:Establishment of Shanghai Advertising and Decorating Co.,Ltd. and acquired Equity Stake in Animation Studio Eiken.

- In 2003:Establishment of ADK Arts Inc.

- In 2004:Establishment of Drill Inc., a joint venture with Dentsu.

- In 2005:Establishes The University of Tokyo Asatsu-DK China Education Fund.

- In 2006: Established BOYS Inc. in May. By August Asatsu Inc. established CGM Marketing, Inc. – joint venture with Dentsu and Digital Garage; Established ASP Co., Ltd. a joint venture with Septeni in September.

- In 2009: Established ADK-FORTUNE PVT. LTD. and Asatsu (Shanghai) Exposition & Advertising Co., Ltd. In July established Moscow Liaison Office.

- In 2011: Establishment of ADK Digital Communications Inc.

- In 2014:ADK has relocated its head office to “Toranomon Hills” in Toranomon, Minato-ku

- In 2019:Transformed into a holding company structure with ADK Holdings Inc. (ADKHD) as a pure holding company i January. In April, the company established Data Chemistry Inc. with JR East Marketing & Communications, Inc. and Tokyu Agency Inc. as an affiliate of ADK Marketing Solutions Inc. Established FACT Inc. as an affiliate of ADK Creative One Inc. in May; Established Studio KAI Inc. an affiliated company of ADK Emotions Inc. in June; Established navy Inc., ADK Digital Operations Inc., Northern Lights Inc. and Croco Advertising Co., Ltd. in July.

- In 2020: ADK Holding Inc. acquired shares of VietBuzzAd in Vietnam, changed the name of Asatsu-DK Singapore Pte. Ltd. to ADK Connect Singapore Pte. Ltd. in Singapore and establishes PT. ADK Connect Emotions Indonesia in Indonesia.

According to www.adk.jp

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