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(worldkings) NetEase, Inc. is a Chinese internet technology company with main domestic offices concentrated in Beijing, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, and Shanghai.

NetEase, Inc. is a Chinese Internet technology company providing online services centered on content, community, communications, and commerce. NetEase develops and operates online PC and mobile games, advertising services, email services, and e-commerce platforms in China. It is one of the largest Internet and video game companies in the world. NetEase's official website address is 163.com, and the company also has other websites like 188.com, 126.com, etc.

NetEase video games include, the Westward Journey series, Tianxia III, Heroes of Tang Dynasty Zero, Ghost II,[8] Nostos and Onmyoji. NetEase also partners with Blizzard to operate Chinese versions of their games, such as World of Warcraft, StarCraft II, and Overwatch.

The company’s milestones:

- June 1997: The company was founded in June 1997 by Chinese entrepreneur Ding Lei, and grew rapidly due in part to its investment in search engine technology.

- In 2000: The company was listed on NASDAQ and raised about 70 million dollars.

- In 2001: Started venturing into the online gaming business and established a separate department for this segment. In December, the company released Fantasy Westward Journey, becoming one of China's most popular video games..

- In 2002: Released Westward Journey Online II.

- In 2008:  Blizzard Entertainment partnered with NetEase to bring some of their games to the Chinese market..

- In 2010: The company's offical website 163.com is ranked 28th most visited site in the world according to Alexa's internet rankings..

- In 2012:  Official English name change from NetEase.com, Inc to NetEase, Inc. In the same year, NetEase began testing a restaurant recommendation mobile app called "Fan Fan"..

- In 2014: NetEase launched their first Western Headquarters and launched an online course platform with educational content.

- In 2017: NetEase made an agreement with the American company Marvel Comics to develop a comic based on a Chinese superhero.

- In 2020: NetEase established a Japanese studio called "Sakura Studio" to develop next-generation console games.

 - In 2021: NetEase acquired Grasshopper Manufacture from GungHo Online Entertainment.

- May 2022:NetEase opened its first US studio in Austin, Texas called Jackalope Games.

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