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(worldkings.org) Mexico's Grupo Bimbo began as a humble family store in 1945, growing into the largest baking company in the world.

Grupo Bimbo, S.A.B. de C.V. (also known simply as Bimbo) is a Mexican multinational company with a presence in over 33 countries located in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa. It has an annual sales volume of 15 billion dollars and is currently listed on the Mexican stock exchange with the ticker BIMBO.

Grupo Bimbo has 134,000 employees, 196 bakery plants, 3 million points of sale, a distribution network with 57 thousand routes all over the world. The company has more than 100 brands and 13 thousand products, like Bimbo, Tía Rosa, Entenmann's, Pullman, Rainbo, Nutrella, Marinela, Oroweat, Sara Lee, Thomas', Arnold and Barcel. Its strategic associations include Alicorp (Peru); Blue Label (Mexico); Fincomún, Galletas la Moderna, Grupo Nutresa (Colombia); Mundo Dulce (Argentina); among others.

(Wowtimes) Coop’s history and achievements

  • 1945: Grupo Bimbo began operations in Mexico, with Panificación Bimbo, S.A. as the official name.
  • 1949: The first branch outside of Mexico City was opened in Puebla, Mexico.
  • 1956: The company opened Bimbo de Occidente (Bimbo of the West) factory with Roberto Servitje as its general manager and, in 1958, launched Gansito, a chocolate-covered snack cake filled with strawberry jam and cream.
  • 1964: The company acquired the rights in Mexico of Quality Bakers of America's brand, Sunbeam.
  • 1971: Barcel, one of its most important brands, began operations.
  • 1972: Grupo Bimbo opened its bakery plant located in Azcapotzalco, Mexico City, the largest in Latin America and one of the ten largest in the world, at the time.
  • 1973: Grupo Bimbo entered the marmalade market with Carmel.
  • 1978: The company launched Ricolino, the company's leading sweets and chocolate brand, and Bubulubu with it.
  • 1980: The company went public and 15% of shares began to be traded on the Mexico National Stock Exchange.
  • 1984: Exports to the United States of America began
  • 1991: Grupo Bimbo created the OLA (its Organización Latinoamérica) to oversee expansion south of the Mexican border.
  • 1994: Groupo Bimbo purchased La Hacienta, a tortilla maker in California expanding its operations in the U.S. market.

  • 2001: Grupo Bimbo reached Brazil via two major players in that country’s markets, Pullman and Plusvia.
  • 2006: Grupo Bimbo made its entry into the Chinese market through an acquisition of the Spanish bakery Panrico SAU’s Beijing operations.
  • 2011: Grupo Bimbo consolidated itself as the largest bakery company in the world by acquiring Sara Lee North American Fresh Bakery in the United States; Fargo in Argentina.
  • 2012: Grupo Bimbo inaugurated Piedra Larga windfarm, serving Grupo Bimbo, the largest of its kind at that time and dedicated to the food industry.
  • 2017: The company began operations in África and continued its growth in Africa, with the acquisition of Grupo Adghal in Morocco.
  • 2018: Grupo Bimbo also became the first Mexican company to issue Clean Energy Certificates for Distributed Generation.
  • 2020: Grupo Bimbo expanded its operations and arrived in Kazakhstan, through Bimbo QSR (Quick Service Restaurants).


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