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(worldkings.org) Carrefour is a French multinational retail and wholesaling corporation headquartered in Massy, France.

The eighth-largest retailer in the world by revenue, it operates a chain of hypermarkets, groceries stores and convenience stores, which as of December 2021, comprises its 13,894 stores in over 30 countries.

Carrefour operates supermarkets, hypermarkets, cash and carry stores, and e-commerce websites. The Company offers consumer goods, food and non-food products, household supplies, textiles, electronics, home appliances, and local products. Carrefour serves customers worldwide.

Carrefour SA operates abroad under more than two dozen names including Carrefour, Champion, Shopi, Marché Plus, Dia, Ed, and Promocash. The company's founders created the concept of the hypermarket, an expanded supermarket offering a wide variety of merchandise--including groceries, electronics, clothing, and automotive supplies--that allowed consumers to accomplish most of their shopping at one store. Hypermarkets became a rapid success, revolutionizing the retail industry in France and worldwide.

(Wowtimes)Carrefour’s history andachievements

  • 1958: Carrefour’s history began in 1958, following a meeting between Marcel Fournier, owner of a novelties shop in Annecy, and the Badin-Defforey family, a food wholesaler in Lagnieu (l’Ain).
  • 1960: The first Carrefour shop (not a hypermarket) opened.
  • 1963: The Carrefour group was the first in Europe to open a hypermarket, a large supermarket, and a department store under the same roof. They opened their first hypermarket on 15 June.
  • 1970: Carrefour was listed on the Paris stock market.
  • 1981: Carrefour launched the PASS card, both a credit card and a customer loyalty card. After three years, 200,000 people signed up for the PASS card and over 4 million transactions were recorded.
  • 1992: The launch of Carrefour Quality Lines and Carrefour organic products with the “boule Bio” organic loaf in 1992, in response to changes in consumer concerns.
  • 1993: Carrefour continued to expand internationally. The Group opened its first stores in Italy
  • 1997: Carrefour’s international expansion continues with the opening of its first stores in Poland.

  • 1999: Carrefour launched a public exchange offer for shares in Promodès. The merger of Carrefour and Promodès results in the second largest retailer in the world with 240,000 employees and 9,000 stores.
  • 2000: Carrefour launched of the on-line supermarket Ooshop.
  • 2005: Carrefour reinforced its international presence through targeted acquisitions: in France, Romania (Hyparlo, Artima, Penny Market), Belgium (GB), Poland (Ahold), Italy (GS), Brazil (Atacadão), Argentina (North) and Spain (Plus).
  • 2009: Carrefour updated its logo.
  • 2014: Carrefour created Carmila, a company specialised in leveraging the value of its shopping centres adjoining hypermarkets in France, Spain and Italy.
  • 2016: Carrefour invested in e-commerce and in convenience brands in China, Poland, Argentina and Brazil.
  • 2018: Carrefour launched "Carrefour 2022". The plan includes measures for better food and package sustainability, limitation of food waste, development of organic products, e-commerce partnerships, and two billion euros in annual investments from 2018 as well as organizational and cost reduction measures.


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