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(worldkings.org) The ubiquity of Tim Hortons, through the wide expansion of its outlets, makes it a prominent feature of Canadian life.

Tim Hortons Inc., commonly nicknamed Tim's, or Timmie's is a Canadian multinational coffeehouse and restaurant chain. Based in Toronto, Tim Hortons serves coffee, doughnuts, and other fast-food items. It is Canada's largest quick-service restaurant chain, with 5,352 restaurants in 15 countries, as of June 30, 2022.

Tim Hortons' first stores offered only two products – coffee and doughnuts. Aside from its coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and doughnuts, the menu now contains a number of other baked goods, such as bagels – of which the brand sells one out of every two in the Canadian food service industry. Nutritional information on most menu items is made available by the company in a two-page brochure and online.

The ubiquity of Tim Hortons, through the wide expansion of its outlets, makes it a prominent feature of Canadian life; Canadians eat more doughnuts per capita and have more doughnut outlets per capita than any other nation.

(Wowtimes)Tim Hortons’ history andachievements

  • 1964: Tim Horton, a National Hockey League Legend, opened the first store in Hamilton, Ontario Canada. The first Tim Horton restaurant was located in North Bay, Ontario and sold hamburgers.
  • 1967: After opening two additional stores, Tim Horton and Ron Joyce, the first franchisee, became full partners.
  • 1974: Joyce bought out the Horton family's shares and took over as sole owner of the existing chain of 40 stores, quickly and aggressively expanding the chain in both geography and product selection.
  • 1981: The first United States locations were opened in Deerfield Beach and Pompano Beach, Florida
  • 1991: The 500th store opened.
  • By the 1990s: The company name had changed to The TDL Group Ltd. This was an effort by the company to diversify the business, removing the primary emphasis on doughnuts, and continuing the expansion of the menu options as consumer tastes broadened.
  • 1995: Ron Joyce sold the company in a merger with the American fast-food chain Wendy’s.
  • 2002: Tim Hortons franchises spread rapidly and eventually overtook McDonald's as Canada's largest food service operator.
  • 2005: The company opened twice as many Canadian outlets as McDonald's. The chain accounted for 22.6% of all fast-food industry revenues in Canada.
  • 2006: The company went public. Tim Hortons commanded 76% of the Canadian market for baked goods.
  • 2007: Tim Hortons coffee and doughnuts were being sold at small self-service counters in 50 Spar stores in the UK and Ireland
  • 2009: Tim Hortons Inc. was reorganized under a new publicly traded company, named "Tim Hortons Incorporated".
  • 2013: Tim Hortons had 4,350 cafes across the world, out of which 3,500 are in Canada, 817 in the US and 33 in the GCC.
  • 2014: Tim Hortons was merged into Burger King. The two chains would retain separate operations post-merger.

  • 2016: Tim Hortons had 683 U.S. locations
  • 2017: The first Southeast Asian branch was opened in the Philippines
  • 2018: Tim Hortons began to install self-serve kiosks at some locations in Ontario.
  • 2019: Tim Hortons began to spread the installation of the self-serve kiosks across Canada. The first Tim Hortons store opened in Huangpu District, Shanghai, China.
  • 2022: Tim Hortons now has 5,352 restaurants.


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