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(worldkings.org) Giant Bicycles is the world's largest bicycle designer and manufacturer.

Giant Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (commonly known as Giant) is a Taiwanese bicycle manufacturer, recognized as the world's largest bicycle designer and manufacturer. Giant has manufacturing facilities in Taiwan, the Netherlands, China, and Hungary.

The company offers on-road, x-road, off-road, youth, rider gear, bike gear, and service gear bicycles. It markets its products through approximately 12,000 retail stores. It also provides bikes, gear and cycling services. The company provides products to racer and cycling athletes. The company markets and distributes products across Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, and other markets.

With the coronavirus pandemic, the demand for Giant's bikes has skyrocketed. Bicycle manufacturing skyrocketed in Taiwan, fueled by global demand sparked by fear of contracting the coronavirus on crowded buses and trains in Europe or America, or by the need for outdoor activities after weeks of confinement. With this increase in demand, Giant is planning to build a new large plant in the European Union. In addition, the company is moving factories from China to Taiwan.

(Wowtimes) Giant’s history andachievements

  • 1792: Giant was established by King Liu and several friends.
  • 1977: Giant's chief executive, Tony Lo, negotiated a deal with Schwinn to begin manufacturing bikes as an OEM
  • 1984: Giant set up a joint venture, "Giant Europe", with Andries Gaastra of Dutch bicycle manufacturer Koga-Miyata.
  • 1987: Giant introduced the CADEX carbon fiber road bike. Giant became the first bicycle maker to apply computer-aided design and volume production techniques to the production of carbon road bikes. Giant signed a contract with the China Bicycle Company to produce bikes in Shenzhen
  • 1995: Giant designed the first road bicycle with a sloping top tube featuring a smaller rear triangle.
  • 1996: Giant established their Mosh BMX division with the help of Redline Bicycles founder Linn Kastan and racer Jason Richardson.
  • 2006: Giant added a higher-grade carbon fiber frame marketed as the TCR Advanced frame, which was characterized by an integrated seat post (ISP). These frames were most notably raced at the Tour de France by T-Mobile's professional team.

  • 2008: Giant launched the Liv/Giant sub-brand with products focused exclusively on the female cycling market.
  • 2016: Giant announced the Road-E+ e-Bike
  • 2018: Giant had sales in over 50 countries, in more than 12,000 retail stores


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