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(worldkings.org) Yandex is Russia's largest search engine, known for being branded the “Google of Russia”.

Yandex LLC is a Russian multinational technology company providing Internet-related products and services, including an Internet search engine, information services, e-commerce, transportation, maps and navigation, mobile applications, and online advertising. It primarily serves audiences in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States of the former Soviet Union, and has more than 30 offices worldwide.

The firm is the largest technology company in Russia and the second largest search engine on the Internet in Russian, with a market share of over 42%. It also has the largest market share of any search engine from Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States and is the 5th largest search engine worldwide after Google, Bing, Yahoo!, and Baidu. Its main competitors on the Russian market are Google, VK, and Rambler.

(Wowtimes) Yandex’s history andachievements

  • 1997: A search engine called “Яndex-Web” was unveiled on September 23. To demonstrate how it worked with large masses of information, the whole Russian internet - then consisting of 5,000 sites containing about 4Gb of text — was indexed.
  • 1998: For the first time, a contextual banner appeared on Yandex.ru. It said, “Ваша киска купила бы Cisco” (“Your kitty would buy Cisco”). Most important was the fact that this advertisement was contextual: Yandex started showing ads that helped users find what they were looking for.
  • 2001: the company launched the Yandex.Direct online advertising network.
  • 2002: Yandex.Images and Yandex.Market opened. At launch, Yandex.Images had 12 million pictures, while products from almost 150 internet stores were offered on Yandex.Market — books, films, cosmetics, footwear, clothing, stationery and toys. In the same year, Yandex and the PayCash group of companies together launched the payment system Yandex.Money.

  • 2004: Yandex.Maps opened, with a single map of Europe and detailed maps of three cities — Moscow, St Petersburg and Kiev. They could be used not only to search for addresses, but also museums, cinemas and other establishments.
  • 2005: The first step outside Russia was into Ukraine. The company opened a representative office in Odessa and began to develop services for the Ukrainian audience, launching yandex.ua in the same year.
  • 2009: Mozilla Firefox 3.5, replaced Google with Yandex as the default search provider for Russian-language builds.
  • 2010: Yandex launched Yandex Music, a music streaming service, with a catalogue of 800,000 tracks from 58,000 performers.
  • 2010: Yandex launched an English-only web search engine.
  • 2013: The company added an English user interface to its translation mobile app.
  • 2017: the company introduced its intelligent personal assistant, Alisa (Alice) for Android, iOS, and Microsoft Windows.
  • 2021: Yandex, VTB Bank, LANIT Group and computer hardware producer Gigabyte founded a joint venture to start producing servers in Russia in 2022.

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