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(worldkings.org) Lego A/S (trade name: The Lego Group) is a Danish toy production company based in Billund, Denmark. It manufactures Lego-brand toys, consisting mostly of interlocking plastic bricks.

The name Lego is derived from the Danish words leg godt, meaning "play well". In the first half of 2015, The Lego Group became the world's largest toy company by revenue, with sales amounting to US$2.1 billion, surpassing Mattel, which had US$1.9 billion in sales.

The Lego Group has built eight amusement parks around the world, each known as Legoland. Each park features large-scale Lego models of famous landmarks and miniature Lego models of famous cities, along with Lego themed rides. Lego Interactive (formerly Lego Media and later Lego Software) was the video game publishing division of The Lego Group. Lego Media operated a motion picture division.

(WOWTIMES) Lego’s history and achievements

  • 1932: Ole Kirk Christiansen began making wood toys
  • 1934: Christiansen called company Lego
  • 1947: Lego expanded to plastic toys
  • 1949: Interlocking bricks
  • 1958: Modern Lego brick was patented
  • 1962: the Lego Group began producing miniature tires; it became the largest tire manufacturing company in 2011, when it produced 381 million tires that year.
  • 1968: First Legoland opened in Denmark
  • 1974: Lego Produktion AG was founded as a major production facility for Lego
  • 1978: Lego people introduced
  • 1999: Legoland California Resort opened
  • 2011: Legos into space

  • 2014: The Lego Movie is released
  • 2017: The social media app Lego Life is launched


The Lego Group operates 168 retail stores (95 in the United States, 18 in the United Kingdom, 17 in Germany, 13 in Canada, 10 in France, 3 in Denmark, 3 in the Netherlands, 3 in Poland, 2 in Austria, 2 in Belgium, 2 in Sweden and 1 in Spain.). The Lego Group also franchised its store brand to Majid Al Futtaim Group, which opened 6 stores in 2015 (4 in the United Arab Emirates, and 2 in Kuwait). As of 2021 there is a total of 388 stores operated by franchisees.

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