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(worldkings.org) Südzucker AG is a German public company headquartered in Mannheim, the world's largest sugar producer and one of the largest food companies in Germany.

Südzucker is a multinational corporation whose sugar, special products, starch and fruit segments are key food industry players, while its CropEnergies segment is the EU’s leading ethanol producer.



The company process agricultural raw materials into high quality products, especially into food for industrial customers and end users but also feed and other products for the food and non-food industries.

The corporation owns 50 factories located in Belgium, Germany, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Moldova with more than 19,900 employees.


The company's milestones:

- In 1926: Five sugar companies (Frankenthal, Heilbronn, Offstein, Stuttgart, Waghäusel), that have formerly been associated through a syndicate from 1920, merge to form Süddeutsche Zucker-Aktiengesellschaft with headquarters in Mannheim.

- In 1929: Formation of the "Syndikat Süddeutsche Zucker-Aktien" [South German sugar shares trust], composed of the Italian Montesi-Group, the Flegenheimer family’s Württembergische Melassefutterwerke [Württemberg molasses feed factories], the Deutsche Bank und Disconto-Gesellschaft, and partially the administrative bodies of the Süddeutsche Zucker-Aktiengesellschaft.

- In 1931: Established "Wirtschaftliche Vereinigung der Deutschen Zuckerindustrie" [Economic association of the German sugar industry] in Berlin with Süddeutsche Zucker-Aktiengesellschaft as one of the founding members.

- In 1950: Established Süddeutsche Zuckerrübenverwertungs-Genossenschaft (SZVG).

- In 1951: Established Zuckerfabrik Franken GmbH and built the Ochsenfurt factory.



- In 1952: Rain Sugar Factory is put into operation.

- In 1959: Formation of Zuckerfabrik Franken GmbH Zeil as subsidiary of Zuckerfabrik Franken GmbH Ochsenfurt.

- In 1961: Construction of sugar factory Plattling.

- In 1971: Construction of sugar factory Plattling.

- In 1988: Süddeutsche Zucker-Aktiengesellschaft merged with Ochsenfurt-based Zuckerfabrik Franken GmbH to form Südzucker Aktiengesellschaft Mannheim/Ochsenfurt with headquarters in Mannheim. 



- In 1989: Südzucker acquired shares in Austria's AGRANA, enabling it to also serve the Austrian and Hungarian sugar and starch markets. In the same year, the company acquired a stake in the Belgian company Raffinerie Tirlemontoise S.A., based in Brussels.

- In 1990: Acquisition of East German sugar mills from Treuhandanstalt.

- In 1995: Established Schöller Holding GmbH & Co. KG, Nuremberg.

- In 1996: Acquired outstanding minority interests in Freiberger, Berlin and began to invest in Poland.

- In 1998: Began involvement in the Moldovan sugar industry.



- In 2001: Südzucker expanded its core business by purchasing the second-largest French sugar producer, Paris-based Saint Louis Sucre S. A., thereby assuming a leading position in the expanding European community..

- In 2003: Südzucker began investment in fruit additives/fruit juice concentrates division by AGRANA.

- In 2005: Start of bioethanol production in Zeitz.

- In 2006: The BENEO-Orafti plant in Chile came into operation and listed CropEnergies AG (as Südzucker Bioethanol GmbH until May 2006) on the stock exchange.

- In 2007: BENEO Group founded.



- In 2008:

CropEnergies: Bioethanol plant in Wanze/Belgium with an annual capacity of 300,000 m³ starts production.

AGRANA: Bioethanol plant in Pischelsdorf/Austria with an annual capacity of 240,000 m³ starts production.

- In 2009: Freiberger took over the pizza production site in Osterweddingen.

- In 2010: Freiberger: New pizza factory starts up in Westhoughton, Great Britain.

- In 2012: Investment in ED&F Man, a British commodities trading company.

- In 2013: AGRANA opens wheat starch plant at site in Pischelsdorf, Austria.

- In 2014: AGRANA starts up fruit preparations plant in Lysander, New York, USA.



- In 2015: Changed company name to Südzucker AG, completed renovation and new construction of headquarters in Mannheim

- In 2016: AGRANA acquires Argentinian fruit preparations producer MAIN PROCESS S.A.

- In 2017: Freiberger acquires German frozen pizza producer HASA GmbH.

- In 2018: AGRANA acquires stake in Algerian fruit preparations producer Elafruits SPA.

- In 2019:

AGRANA opens second wheat starch plant in Pischelsdorf, Austria.

BENEO opens production plant for vegetal protein in Wanze, Belgium.

- In 2020: AGRANA starts production of crystalline betaine in Tulln, Austria.

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