[WorldKings – World Almanac Event 2023] 11st anniversary of World Radio Day (February 13, 2012 – February 13, 2023)


(WorldKings.org) Proclaimed in 2011 by the Member States of UNESCO, and adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 2012 as an International Day, February 13 became World Radio Day (WRD).



It’s an occasion to draw attention to the unique value of radio, which remains the medium to reach the widest audience and is currently taking up new technological forms and devices.

UNESCO encourages all countries to celebrate this day by undertaking activities with diverse partners, such as national, regional and international broadcasting associations and organizations, non-governmental organizations, media organizations, outlets as well as the public at large.



Despite being over 100 years old, the radio is one of the most popular ways to exchange information, provide social interchange, and educate people all over the world. It has been used to help people, including youth, to engage in discussions on topics that affect them. It can save lives during natural or human-made disasters, and it gives journalists a platform to report facts and tell their stories. The first World Radio Day was officially celebrated in 2012.

Other Events:

- Commemorating the 208th founding anniversary of Cambridge Union Society (February 13, 1815 - February 13, 2023).

- Celebrating 109 years of American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (February 13, 1815 - February 13, 2023).

According to iasa-web.org.


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