[WorldKings – World Almanac Event 2022] 72nd anniversary of the establishment of Trade Unions International of Public and Allied Employees (October 29, 1929 – October 29, 2022)


(worldkings.org) The Trade Union International Public Service and Allied (TUI PS&A) is a section of the World Federation of Trade Unions representing public sector workers.

Founded 27-29 Oct 1949, Berlin (German DR), as Trade Unions International of Postal, Telegraph, Telephone and Radio Workers - Union internationale des syndicats des travailleurs des postes, télégraphes, téléphones et radio. Present name adopted 12 Apr 1955, Vienna (Austria). Current Statute adopted by 8th International Trades Congress of Public and Allied Employees, Mar 1988, Sofia (Bulgaria); last amended at 10th Congress, Mar 2006, Johannesburg (South Africa). Headquarters moved to Delhi, Jun 1996, and to Kolkata (India), 1998.

The TUI-PAE had a three level structure with the Congress being the highest organ, a directive committee meeting between congress and day-to-day activities led by the executive bureau and secretariat based in East Berlin. There were five branch commission for the different sectors of the labor movement the union represented: posts and telecommunications, bank employees, local public servants and public administration.



The Trade Union International Public Service and Allied aims:

Unite trade unions of officials, workers, employees, engineers, cadres and technicians employed in state, municipal, postal, telecommunication and health services, banks, finance and insurance institutions.

Help implement improvements in their working conditions; activate for security of employment.

Contribute to protective social legislation.

Promote international trade union unity.

Support the struggle for improvement of the social, economic and professional situation of public employees and for the fulfillment of their demands.

Defend democratic and trade union rights and liberties.

 Activate workers' common struggle against the penetration of monopolies and transnational corporations into the public services, against discrimination and against detrimental effects of the introduction and application of new technology.

Strengthen the role and importance of trade unions in every social order and safeguard their rights to fully participate in negotiations and develop their work at all levels.

Guard interests of workers, safeguard rights already gained, work for success of their trade union demands and struggle for international understanding, lasting peace and peaceful coexistence on the basis of mutual respect, independence, sovereignty and non-interference in the affairs of other peoples, against war and aggression, for the final liquidation of colonialism and neo-colonialism, for international détente and for the achievement of general and complete disarmament.

Other events:

- Celebrating the 82nd birthday of Sir Willard Gordon Galen Weston, founder of food processing and distribution company George Weston Limited (October 29, 1940 – October 29, 2022)

- Celebrating 17 years of International Internet Day - International Internet Day (October 29, 2005 - October 29, 2022)

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