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(Worldkings.org) The first commercial lipstick had been invented in 1884 by Guerlain. Their lipstick was made with deer tallow, beeswax and castor oil which was then wrapped in a silk paper. On May 25th, 2021, World Records Union (WorldKings) officially declared Guerlain as “The world’s first company produce lipstick commercially”.

Based on the world record nomination from Europe Records Institute (EURI) and Decision No. WK/USA.INDIA/698/2021/No.154, World Records Union (WorldKings) officially declared Guerlain as the world’s first company produce lipstick commercially on May 25th, 2021.

Founder of Guerlain, a French cosmetics brand – Pierre François Pascal Guerlain initially brought back the “Liquid Bloom of Rose” from England, a liquid lipstick. In 1884 French Perfume Company Guerlain was the first to manufacture lipstick commercially. It was an original invention consisting of a stick housed in its own tube. Their lipsticks were fashioned out of deer tallow, beeswax and castor oil.



Guerlain is a French perfume, cosmetics and skincare house. The House of Guerlain was founded in 1828, when Pierre-François Pascal Guerlain opened his perfume store at 42, rue de Rivoli in Paris. The success of the house under Pierre-François peaked in 1853 with the creation of Eau de Cologne Impériale for French Emperor Napoleon III and his Spanish-French wife Empress Eugénie. This perfume earned Pierre-François the prestigious title of being His Majesty's Official Perfumer. Guerlain went on to create perfumes for Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom and Queen Isabella II of Spain, among other royalty.



The House of Guerlain was owned and managed by members of the Guerlain family from its inception in 1828 to 1994.  Jean-Paul Guerlain was the last family master perfumer. He created Guerlain's classic men's fragrances Vétiver (1959) and Habit Rouge (1965), etc. The House of Guerlain was acquired in 1994 by the LVMH group, a French multinational investment corporation specializing in luxury brands.

Guerlain's creations have long influenced the trends of perfumery with fragrances such as Jicky, Shalimar, and Vétiver. Guerlain products are available across the world at serviced counters within department stores, and at beauty stores such as fellow LMVH brand Sephora. Guerlain also maintains thirteen international beauty and spa 'boutiques', five within France (two being in Paris).

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