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( There are a number of records from some member organizations of WorldKings.

1. Largest Handmade Unicorn Head Replica - The Sabah Dragon, Unicorn & Lion Dance Association has created two  Malaysia Book of Records for making the largest handmade unicorn head replica measuring 2.44m (height) by 2.25m (width) and organising the most number of unicorn dance troupe in a single event totalling 105 troupes. (Malaysia Book of Records)



2. Largest Distribution Of Food For Iftar - 12,020 packets of free food were distributed to residents at Marsiling CC on 4 Jun 2017. The food was cooked by volunteers from Indian Muslim Social Service Association (Singapore) (IMSSA) who stayed overnight to prepare. More than 5,000 residents broke their fast near the collection area, the rest brought the food home. (Singapore Book of Records)



3.  Largest shot slam - 2,435 people took part in the event, each downing a shot of gin at the Naga City Coliseum in December 2010. (Philippines Book of Records)



4. Thailand's first taxi driver has volunteered to carry monks, nuns, novices and disabled people without fare. (Thailand Book of Records)



5. The resort has the largest  art space by  lake - Flamingo Dai Lai Resort is a 5 star luxury resort in Dai Lai Lake in Vinh Phuc province, Vietnam. In 123 hectares, there are 4 peninsulas, 2 central lakes and 3 streams. The natural ecosystem integrity which is hardly affected by man is suitable for you to enjoy a fantasy holidays after stressful working hours.



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