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( There are a number of records from some member organizations of WorldKings.

1. First Company to Construct Biggest Led Wall Screen - IQ Media Sdn Bhd has appointed to install Led Wall Screen located at Menara Dato Onn Kompleks UMNO, Kuala Lumpur. With measurer 133.760m in height, 86.660m in width and 11591.6416sqm. (Malaysia Book of Records)



2. Largest Acrylic Art Montage - Naval Base Secondary School organised an arts festival as part of its 60th anniversary celebrations on 8 Apr 2017. 1,200 participants used acrylic paints to colour on outlined 8 inch by 10 inch canvas panels. When the canvas panels were put together, a montage measuring 10.2m by 7.2m was formed. (Singapore Book of Records)



3. Most Fuel Efficient Ice Car - Team Aquila from Mapua Institute of Technology managed 401.35 km per litre for its Internal Cmbustion Engine (ICE) prototype. The team emerged champions in that category in the Shell Eco-Marathon Asia held in Singapore from March 16-19, 2017. Aguila IV, the team's three-wheeled prototype gasoline category vehicle, utilizes lightweight design techniques such as carbon fiber body panels and light but high-tensile-strength aluminum alloy tubings for the internal frame. (Philippines Book of Records)



4. World’s largest wave pool - On April of 2009, Guinness World Records formally recognized the 13,600 square meter wave pool at the Siam Park City as the largest on the planet. The pool has actually been around for 30 years but was never judged till last year. Named Talay Krung Thip (Bangkok Sea), the massive Siam Park City wave pool also has waterfalls and some nice landscaping. Park officials say the waves can get as high as 1.5 meters. (Thailand Book of Records)



5. The Parade with most of Honda Winner 150 and Largest word 'Winner 150' was arranged with people - 800 Honda Winner 150 motocycles was used in the first record. 300 people participate in setting the second record. (Vietnam Book of Records)



Claire Huynh - WORLDKINGS (Source of photos: Internet)


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