Worldkings - Daily Highlights - October 04, 2017 - Catalan Independence Referendum, 2017.


( The regional Government of Catalonia held a referendum on Catalan independence on 1 October 2017.This referendum was first called for in June 2017 and was approved by the Catalan parliament in a session on 6 September 2017 along with a law which states that independence would be binding with a simple majority, without requiring a minimum turnout.

A demonstration for Catalonian independence in Spain.

The referendum question, which voters answered with "Yes" or "No", was "Do you want Catalonia to become an independent state in the form of a republic?". The "Yes" side won, with 2,020,144 (91.96%) voting for independence and 176,565 (8.04%) voting against, on a turnout of 42.58%.

Independence supporters protesting the arrest of far left Catalan politician.

Catalan government spokesman Jordi Turull argued that turnout would have been higher were it not for Spanish police suppression of voters; many polling stations were closed down due to raids by the Spanish police, with the loss in votes due to the crackdown estimated by the Catalan government to be around 770,000 votes.

Thousands protest police crackdown on independence referendum in Catalonia.

 On the other hand, many voters who did not support Catalan independence were expected to not turn out.

Only 41% of Catalan citizens favor independence, but they are the ones who will show up to vote.

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