WORLDKINGS - Daily Highlights - June 28, 2018 - Chiiz sonic toothbrush is designed to give a 30-second all-teeth clean


( Reinventing the good old toothbrush seems to be an obsession for many inventors out there, and Chiiz is the latest gadget to designed to turn brushing on its head. Currently raising funds on Kickstarter, Chiiz is a sonic-powered automatic toothbrush that is claimed to clean all your teeth in just 30 seconds.

We have seen several crowdfunding campaigns trying to launch a hands-free automatic toothbrush over the past year. From the Amabrush, which supposedly does its job in 10 seconds, to the Unico, which is claimed to clean your teeth in just three, these campaigns seem to amass huge amounts of money but rarely ultimately deliver.



This kind of mouthpiece-styled automatic toothbrush is undeniably an enticing prospect, making the twice daily teeth-cleaning process a quick and easy job, but it is still yet to be shown that this design can actually work. On the bright side, Chiiz is at least the most pragmatic and realistic iteration of the mouthpiece toothbrush design we've seen to date.



The device is simple, it's essentially a mouthguard that is fitted with an assortment of bristles designed to come into contact with every part of all 28 of your teeth. The device comes in two different sizes, which the makers suggest should be suitable for most mouth sizes.

In the middle of the device sits a motor that utilizes sonic technology to clean teeth. The motor generates sonic vibrations that reportedly equate to around 25,000 strokes per minute, and bubble up the toothpaste mousse added before use so plaque stuck between teeth and the gum line can be effectively cleaned.



The product comes with its own proprietary toothpaste mousse, but the makers say the device is compatible with any commercially available kind of liquid toothpaste or mousse. A single charge offers 10 days of use, but an accompanying wireless charging dock can keep the device good for up to two months without plugging it into anything.



As with other similar products, Chiiz has been a smash hit on Kickstarter, massively exceeding its initial modest goal. The early bird prices run from US$69 to $79, with the more expensive kit offering more bottles of the toothpaste mousse. The company estimates it will begin shipping in September 2018, but considering the unexpected hurdles many similar products have faced that date may be overly ambitious.



Chiiz is a exciting idea, that's for sure, and much like the prior crowdfunding campaigns pushing similar products, we'd love to see someone finally pull this idea off. Whether this is the one that will actually deliver on its promise is something we'll reserve judgement on until it actually hits production and reaches the market though.

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