WORLDKINGS - Daily Highlights - June 24, 2018 - PackChairX: Sittable Outdoor Photography Backpack


( PackChairX is a sittable backpack. It's for travel, everyday carry and outdoor photography.

PackChair X is designed to be the strongest backpack in the world. Its aluminum alloy frame protects your valuable items from any possible outside impact. PackChair X also functions as a sturdy comfortable chair. Have a seat anytime and anywhere. PackChair comes with several accessories, which make it an ideal backpack for outdoor photography, travel, and everyday use.



PackChair X is sturdy and durable. It’s made from high performance water resistant fabric, an aluminum alloy frame,YKK zippers, and magnetic buckles. All of which make for safe and convenient storage and accessibility.



The organizer pocket is for storing your EDC essentials such as a charging cables, earbuds, memory cards, smart phones, etc. You can fix your items in place with an elastic band. This allows for the easy insertion and removal of items at a glance.



PackChair X has a unique and patented frame made from the same aluminum alloy that is often used in aeronautics industries. Its frame gives a light-weight yet solid performance.





USB and micro USB charging ports make charging your electronic devices quick and easy. No need to wait for one thing to charge before plugging in another.You can charge your phone and power bank simultaneously. Fidlock, a modern and durable German brand, only requires one hand to pull open the buckle. Then, to rebuckle, lightly pull it back in place. It’s better than magic.

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