WORLDKINGS - Daily Highlights - June 23 , 2018 - Moon Pod: A Zero-Gravity Beanbag for All-Day Deep Relaxation


( Float on Moon Pod; a zero-gravity beanbag engineered to deliver a full-body weightless sensation for all-day stress relief + relaxation

Moon Pod is a premium lightweight beanbag engineered to deliver a feeling of zero-gravity weightlessness in any position. It cradles your body into a rare static state, providing ultimate stress relief and all-day relaxation.  



Its outer membrane is made from a unique blended material which encapsulates thousands of high-friction microbeads that react and respond to every inch of your body.



Moon Pod delivers a weightless sensation engineered to mimic the therapeutic feeling of Flotation Therapy, a powerful practice known to help people who suffer from stress, anxiety, insomnia, PTSD, and ADHD. Its unique morphing capabilities enable Moon Pod to form three main positions. Use it like a chair, recliner, or nap pod.



Whether you’re working, chilling out, or taking a power nap, Moon Pod is the ultimate way to relax, rejuvenate, and unwind. If you’re one of the 75,000+ weighted blanket owners, adding Moon Pod to your relaxation bundle is the perfect upgrade to your relaxation routine. It is similar to a sensory deprivation experience, but delivered to your home and available whenever you need it.

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