Worldkings - Daily Highlighs - October 28,2017 - Railless train debuts in China.


( According to China's CRRC Zhuzhou Institute Co Ltd, most smaller cities can't afford to build light rail systems – even though they would still benefit from having them. That's why the company has built and demonstrated what it's billing as "the world's first railless train." The articulated electric vehicle runs along regular asphalt roads, using rubber tires instead of steel wheels.

 The world's first railless train unveiled in Zhuzhou, Central China's Hunan province in 2017. The 30-meter train, with three carriages, is part of the intelligent rail express system by the developer, and runs on rubber tires rather than rails. The train can move at a speed of 70 km/h and can carry up to 500 passengers, offering new options for easing modern transport pressures. The train is also powered by electricity and can travel 40km per full charge.

The ART, Autonomous Rail Rapid Transit, was developed by CRRC Zhuzhou Institute Co Ltd, which produces key parts for high-speed railway.

The train is about 30 meters long and equipped with sensors that can read the dimensions of roads and plan its own route. It is like having a virtual rail for the train.

Most medium-sized and small cities cannot afford expensive subway systems, or the systems take too long to build

According to the government of Zhuzhou city in Hunan province, a 6.5-kilometer ART line will be built through downtown Zhuzhou and operations will start in 2018.

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